Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Potty Training: Day 2

If you missed yesterday's post about potty training day#1, it might be helpful to go back and read it!  Here the breakdown of day #2:

7:00 - diaper off!
7:05 - she did a BIG pee pee on the potty - absolutely none dripped on the floor!
7:25 - saying "oww" and grabbing at her hiney.  She asked for big girl panties and diapers.  I think she has to poop but is really scared to do it on the potty.  She didn't poop at all yesterday.
7:45 - big pee pee on the potty - no drips on the floor.
8:00 - she asked for big girl panties.  I decided to let her try them again.

This is what happened when she tried to pull her panties on by herself - haha.  She couldn't get it over her hiney!

8:05 - had a big accident on the floor.  No more panties for now.
8:15 - got really fussy, running away, etc.  I finally grabbed her and put her on the potty and she did a small poop!  It was bigger than her tiny poop from yesterday, but very small for a "normal" poop.  I think she had already started when I grabbed her, but the end result was poopy in the potty!  I also think this is why she had the accident 10 minutes ago.  She's hurting so bad from needing to poop that she can't concentrate on peeing in the potty.
8:30 - still fussing and saying she has a tummy ache.  I can tell that she's in a lot of pain.  I know that she needs to poop because she didn't go yesterday.  I looked up pooping on the babywise blog.  Her son used to have the same issue.  I put her in a diaper so she could poop.  I don't want the pooping to set us back with the peeing.  I put her in room time (30 minutes) so that she'll poop (she ALWAYS poops in room time!)  It's starting to interfere with our training, so we have to do something.  While in room time, she did one of the biggest poops that I've ever seen!  It makes me feel better for that decision.  I really think we would have battled it all day.
9:45 - needs to go pee pee but is having a hard time going in the potty (maybe because she just wore a diaper??).  After making her sit for a few minutes, she finally did a big pee pee.
10:15- big pee pee on the potty all by herself!  None on the floor!
10:35 - accident on the couch.  I've been keeping her on the floor and this reinforces that I need to keep doing that.  Standing gives her more of a sense of needing to go.  I put her on the potty right after her accident and she did a really big pee pee while I was cleaning up.
10:55 - big pee pee on the potty
11:15 - big pee pee on the potty.  Sat down all by herself without saying anything at all.  First time that she has done it 100% on her own!!
11:30 - pee pee in the potty (from my prompting)
11:38 - peed half on the floor and then half in the potty.  My fault.  She said "oh no" (one of her cues) twice, but I only asked her if she needed to potty instead of telling her to actually sit on it.  I won't make that mistake again.
12:05 - small accident in her highchair during lunch.  Got her out and put her on the potty.  Nothing.
12:12 - big pee pee in the potty - immediately after finishing lunch.
12:45 - diaper on for story time in bed before nap.  Tried to get her to pee pee in the potty before nap, but she didn't want to sit.
3:20 - up from nap.  Pee pee'd in her diaper right before I got to her.
4:00 - Made her sit on the potty even though she didn't want to.  Didn't do anything.

4:15 - teeny tiny bit of poopy. 
4:25 - pee pee in the potty

5:00 - has been trying to go to the bathroom.  Complaining of tummy hurt, trying to hide, etc. (acting the same as this morning).  I put a diaper on her and let her do room time again.  She pooped again.  At this point, I don't know how else to handle it.  She tries to go to the potty, but just doesn't quite know how to poop in it yet.  Any suggestions??  I definitely don't want the pooping thing to interfere with her going pee pee in the potty (which it is) - hence using the diaper for poop method.
6:20 - pee pee on the potty.  She held it all through dinner!
6:40 - pee pee on the potty.  This is the second time that she's done it completely on 100% on her own!  She was playing, and then just stopped, walked over to the potty, sat down and pee peed!
7:05 - in the bathtub she said, "oh no!  I have to go potty!".  She got out of the tub, pee peed on the potty immediately, and then got back in the tub.  Yay!!

Good news:
-only 4 accidents today!  and one of those was my fault, and another was an itty bitty one in her highchair.  it's an improvement from the 13 from yesterday! 
-my mom came over for a bit after work.  i was really worried that having a new person in the house during all of this training would throw her off - but it totally didn't!!

Goals for tomorrow:
-less liquid.  I've been giving her TONS (the more they drink, the more they have to pee!) so that we could practice using the potty a lot.  I'd love to get back to a more "normal" routine of drinking.  All of this liquid is making for an insane amount of pee.
-panties.  We've been naked for 2 days.  While this is helpful, it's not very realistic.  I'm going to attempt to keep panties on her all day tomorrow.  We have to learn somehow, right?

Goals for later:
-getting the potty back in the bathroom and out of the living room
-pooping on the potty (I don't even know where to begin?!?!?!  HELP!)
-leaving the house???
-attempting to pee pee on the big potty with no little potty.  I mean, that's going to come up if we leave the house, right?



Emily said...

love that you are setting small goals and then bigger, long term goals! you're doing AWESOME!

Tiffany said...

I am about to start this same process and I am so glad you are sharing all your hard work, it is really motivating me to get my act together! I see your timeline but how often are you taking her to the potty? ANd also how long do you let her sit on the potty to try and go? Thanks for all your help and advice!

Joeylee said...

thats awesome, great job.
Kaylee has been potty training for 3 weeks and those first few days are always the hardest but now when she has to go she walks right over to her potty and takes off her undies and goes and then waits for me to wipe her.

it will get better. good luck

Joeylee said...

oh p.s I found it really helpful to make her a potty jar and put mini M&Ms in it and when she went potty she would get candy and she loved it (she never got candy before). As she started telling me she had to go I slowly stopped giving the candy and now she goes and doesn't even care about the candy

Jayy * said...

I wouldnt rush putting her on the big potty all at once, split it up, sometimes small potty, sometimes big potty. id def recommend putting her in underwear all day. as far as the poop thing, i really dont have much i can offer except it comes with time. some kids just dont feel comfy pooping on a potty right away. just stay doing what your doing and it will go great :)

Robyn said...

Em- thanks! I feel like setting goals like this is the only way to keep my sanity - haha.

Tiffany - I'm glad this is a little helpful for you! I started out setting a time for every 15 minutes, but it totally wasn't working and she was having a ton of accidents. Finally, I just quit with the timer and started watching her like a hawk. She started giving me cues that she had to go to the potty (she'd start squeezing her legs together, kind of like a potty dance, she'd get really fussy and antsy because she knew she needed to go, but didn't know what to do, she'd start really acting out and being rude [because she was anxious and didn't know what to do], etc.). She also sometimes says "oh no! oh no!" right before she goes (which is really pretty funny!) or "I gotta go potty). Once I quit with the timer and just starting using HER to tell me when she needed to go, it started working much better for us. But I know that a timer works really well for some people!

Joeylee- thanks for the tips! We're using potty treats, too, and it's such a good motivator for her! I'm hoping to stop using them next week, though. Or at least use them less!

Jayy - any tips for getting her to use the big one? She hates it!