Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing Up

Ever since potty training LL, it has really hit me that she's really growing up.  It was like the diapers were her last little bit of baby that we were hanging on to.  In a way, this makes me excited because I really LOVE this stage that we're in.  But in another way, this makes me really sad to think that she's just really not a baby anymore!  She's such a big girl! 

We went outside last night for a little bit after dinner, and LL started playing on this little tricycle thing that my mom got her for her first birthday.  Here's a picture of her riding in in April 2010.  See how her little feet can't even reach the pedals?

She got on it last night and we realized that her feet totally reach the pedals.  We took the little peg off that she's been resting her feet on up until now so that it forced her to actually put her feet on the pedals.  We worked with her for a little while on pedaling it by herself!  She was pretty nervous and kept looking back to see if we were still pushing her, but it's a start!

My little girl is growing up!!


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Emily said...

i TOTALLY need to work on this with Kye...i never think about the fun outside toys he has! we just swim, swim, swim all the time and the other stuff gets neglected!