Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey everyone!  I'm linking up with Jamie today at This Kind of Love if you want to play along!

I'm loving that, while all of my friends (who are teachers) are getting ready to go back to school on Monday, I still have 2 weeks left of summer.  Woo hoo for a shortened calendar!

I'm loving that LL is still doing SO WONDERFUL at potty training!  We rarely have accidents and she's doing great.  Any tips for getting a toddler to poop in the potty???   I need some!

I'm loving our new family pictures that we just had taken!  Didn't see them?  Check out the post below this one!  They're AH-MAY-ZING!

I'm loving that I got to catch up with some new and old friends yesterday.  It did my heart good to just have some girl time and get out of the house for a little bit. 

I'm loving that LL has just been saying the CUTEST things lately.  Here's what she told me after looking through a crate in the garage today: "I was just looking at golf balls, and soaps, and lots of stuff!"

I'm loving that I submitted my LAST assignment for my first (of four) gifted endorsement classes.  It feels good to be done.  For now.

I'm loving my super sweet, hardworking hubby.

What are YOU loving today?


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Seek First said...

Such a cute little girl! I love hearing the things that little kids say!

I have a fun rosette headband in a giveaway right now--you should come by and enter!