Thursday, July 28, 2011

Silly Goose

LL and I are having a nice, relaxing day at home today!  We've been so busy last week and this week so far, so it's nice to just have a day at home to do nothing!  She's still in her pj's (well, the tops of them), and I'm just in yoga pants and a t - no make up, no cute hair, no bows, just comfy!  We're having such a good day so far.  I did manage to capture some pretty adorable videos of her today that I thought I'd share...

#1 - I've been going to the library and checking out books for LL.  I typically get about 4 at a time, and her favorite this time is a cute little book called "Stuck in the Mud".  She is SUCH a reader that the whole library situation really works out for her.  She gets (at least) 4 new books every 2 weeks (a plus), and I don't have to spend any money (another plus!).  And about the time that we all get tired of them, it's time to take them back and find some new ones!  So here's the video of her reading Stuck in the Mud to me. 

#2 - We were playing in her room and found an old toy phone and our old house phone in her play basket.  We don't have a house phone anymore, so when we got rid of it we just let her play with the old one.  She "called" daddy and was asking him to come and play with her.

#3- I tried to get another video of her talking on the phone, but she wasn't going to because she knew I was filming.  The stinker.  I love the look she gives me as she walks away.  :)

I hope that these put a smile on your face today!  Happy Thursday from me and my best girl!


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