Monday, July 18, 2011

Potty Training Update! Day 4-6

Potty training has been going wonderfully for us!  We ventured out of the house on Friday to Grammy and Pop's because we were both completely stir crazy.  I'm happy to report that we are completely accident free for three days!  On Sunday, she also started doing something that I'm completely excited about - using the potty when I put her on.  Every time.  This is so much better than waiting around for her to *need* to go and then rushing to get there before an accident.

We did not end up attempting church on Sunday.  We ended up over-sleeping, and I didn't want to attempt something so brand new AND have to do it in a hurry.  Next week, however, will be a totally different story.

We are still in diapers for nap time and night time.  This will probably continue for a while.  We are also still having to put on a diaper for her to be able to poop.  One battle at a time!  Once we for sure have the peeing down - then we'll move down the line towards pooping.  Baby steps.

I'm so proud of my girl!


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