Monday, July 18, 2011

Georgia Aquarium

If you missed my first post about our trip to the zoo, you might want to check it out before reading this one!

After really exhausting ourselves (and the kids!) at the zoo on Wednesday, Emily and I decided to be even more exhausting and take them to the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday.  Again, we met up with Zach's family when we were there, and all the kids got to tour the aquarium together.  I went to the aquarium 5 years ago (July 2006 - so 5 years exactly) with Gino, but I haven't been since.  LL loves going fishing, so I figured that she would be totally pumped about seeing all of the fish!

This was in front of a blue screen, so LL totally had no idea what was going on.  But I thought this would be cute to put on my desk this year at school to remind me of our fun summer.  :)

This was the first tank of fish that you see when you walk in.  Once she realized that there were fish everywhere, she was SUPER excited!

She would have stayed and looked at this wall for a long time if I would have let her.


Trying to find Nemo.  Ha.  Ha.

There he is!

This is the big tank where the whale shark was.

SO cute!  :)

In the tunnel looking at all the fish overhead.

She just laid there - so adorable!

There was only ONE child in this picture that pitched a fit about smiling and holding hands.  Even shed tears about it.  I'll give you zero guesses as to which one.

Whale shark

Beluga whale

Watching the Belugas - I love this one.


They had this really cool little thing where you could crawl in a tunnel and pop up into this little plexi-glass tube that was in the middle of the penguin exhibit.  So when you're standing in this tube, you are literally surrounded by penguins.  So neat!

It was hard to take a good picture in this little tube.  Take one...

Take two...

This was by far LL's favorite part of the whole aquarium - the otters!  We even got a stuffed otter to take home and LL loves it still!

She LOVED watching them!

Peyton enjoyed them, too.  :)

The next day Emily and Kye left for home and Uncle Gino picked me and LL up to spend the weekend at their house.  It was an exhausting couple of days, but we really had so much fun!



Recording Megow Adventures said...

that looks SO fun! the penguins are totally worth going!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

I love the Georgia Aquarium!!! I just love aquariums in general!!!The last time I was there (the Georgia Aquarium), I heard they were getting dolphins, did you see them?