Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Tradition: Family Picnics!

I don't know about you, but I have been LOVING the weather around here lately.  It has been warm (but not hot) and the sun has been out every day!  It has totally been giving us cabin fever and we've been taking every chance that we can get to spend time outdoors.  Late last week, Matt had a wonderful idea for our Saturday: a family picnic! 

Matt and I used to do picnics when we were dating/engaged/newly married (enough to where my mom bought us a really nice picnic basket), but we haven't done any in years.  I thought that it was just a fabulous idea and knew that LL wouldn't disagree!

We headed to the park with all of our supplies and just prayed that it wouldn't be crazy busy with kids.  I figured we didn't have much of a chance of that because it was absolutely georgeous out.  We were in luck, though!  There were a good amount of families out, but it definitely wasn't the craziness that I thought it would be. 

We got there about 10:00 so that we'd have plenty of time for LL to run and play before time to eat.  We knew that would be our only chance of getting her to sit on a blanket and eat.  Have you been around my child lately?  Girl has got some energy!

We swung for a while (her absolute favorite thing to do) on the regular swings...

This is my new favorite picture of the two of them!

....but then she saw her favorite thing in the whole park.  The handicapped swing.  No joke.  She cries if you take her out of this thing!  She LOVES it and I have no idea why!  It's so big!  Mommy no likey.

All of the trees were blooming so she went with Daddy to pick some flowers for me.   :)

She went down the slide a few times, too.  Around 11:00ish we decided to give lunch a go.

First time every trying Kool-Aid.  She's a fan.

After lunch she went on a walk with Daddy while I cleaned up our area. 

We swang a little more, played with some bulldog puppies that were there, and then headed home for nap time.

It was a perfect morning, and Matt and I decided that we would start a new tradition: the first warm, sunny Saturday of every year will be spent with a picnic at the park!


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Emily said...

SO many cute pics! LOVE the outfit too! Looks like it was a successful morning :) and you're officially more caught up than I am too haha