Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LL "isms"

Don't you just love how toddlers come up with their own little language?  For lots of things, LL either comes up with her own words, or she says the words funny.  I want to start keeping a list of the ways that she say stuff so that I don't forget down the road.  I'll continue to update this post and she comes up with more.

-Her sleep blankies = prit
-Pumpkin = cupin
-Santa Clause - Crimwey Cwause
-Lizard = Zilard
-Butterfly = Dawfly
-Ladybug = Lillybug
-The park = swingslide
-Smiley face = doll face
-Doughnut = No nut
-Catterpiller = ta piller
-Thunder = under
-Aunt Laura = Aunt Lola
-Helicoptor = Hotdogger
-Umbrella = Umb Lola 
-Strawberry Shortcake = Strawberry Cupcake
-Strawberry = Strawbee
-Tomato = wa-mato
-Iguana = Wu-wana


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