Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lorelai's 2nd Birthday!

This year, Lorelai's birthday fell on a Saturday, so we decided to do her party on her actual birthday!  This year we went with an owl theme for her party, and I actually found lots of really cute owl themed stuff for her party!  For about a million different reasons, the week leading up to LL's birthday turned out to be CRAZY and one of Matt's busiest weeks since starting Aflac.  He was out of town 3 days that week (Brunswick, Thomasville, and Columbus) and was gone completely Friday night.  Not super great timing, but there was nothing we could do about it.

Emily had offered to come spend the night Friday night and help me do lots of party stuff.  I was super excited about it and it kept my anxiety down all week.  Then Thursday Kye got the flu!  I emailed my sister at work upset at my crazy week and having to do practically everything by myself and she agreed to take 1/2 day Friday off and come spend the night with me and help.  I love my sister!  Isn't that what sisters are for?  To help out when you're stressed and in a bind?  Laura and I haven't gotten to hang out just the two of us since before I got pregnant, so I was also really excited to spend some times with her for that reason.

I took 1/2 day Friday, too, to get the entire house clean before Laura got here so that we could just concentrate on decorating.  Saturday morning when LL woke up, Laura and I sang her Happy Birthday and started getting the three of us ready for the day.  We went by Wal-Mart to get last minute stuff for her party.  Then I took her to Chik-Fil-A for her birthday lunch (by far her favorite place to eat) and met Grammy and Pop there.  Matt got back in town about this time and met us there half way through lunch.  After we ate, we let her play in the playground before heading home for a good nap before her party!

Really and truly, everything ended looking amazing and going off without a hitch.  We had several people not come, but most of the people we invited did come.  Lorelai looked amazingly adorable and had a blast.  Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better birthday for her!  Alright, now for TONS of pictures!  Thanks to Mrs. Becky, Meghan, and Emily for taking pictures for me!  Here we go:

For starters, don't you just love comparison pictures?  I do!  Check my baby girl out and how much she's changed in a year!

Aunt Laura helping make the cake on Friday night.


Headed to lunch for her birthday!

Loving some birthday lunch!

Her cake

and cupcakes

Party set-up

Me and Meghan!  I love this girl so much!

Awww....boy bffs

Chandler, Jodi, and Coley stopped by for a little bit before the Father/Daughter dance.  I was so happy that they came!

Aunt Laura and Ben

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Missy

Me and Emily

Gentry, Gray, and Ana drove all the way up from Tallahassee just for the party! 

Kevin and Luke



Meghan and Luke

Ben, Opa, and LL

BTW - do you like my jewelry?  I borrowed it from Emily, who sells Stella and Dot.  I'm wearing the Chelsea Necklace, the Clover Key Necklace, the Soiree Studs, and the Bardot Spiral Bangle.  I LOVE Stella and Dot stuff and thought it really looked good that night!

Don't you just love how Gray is about to punch the mess out of him in the background??

Singing "Happy Birthday"!

Time to open (and play with!) presents

I think Kye got a little jealous that another boy was playing with his Daddy!

We also played "Pass the Baby" - haha.

LL's Owl Food (aka Party Favors)

My goodness how things change in a year!


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Emily said...

1. the party was SO fun
2. I'm so glad i decided to cut kye's hair...
3. my camera took some good pics, photography class must be paying off huh?
4. thanks for the stella and dot shout out! it all looked great on you!!!
5. i seriously LOVE your hair this length. you looked great at her party last year but this year you looked HOT! :)