Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Goals

Alrighty - so here are my goals for the new year!

1 - Continue blogging!  I've really had a blast doing this, and I want to strive to be even better at it!  I need to try to stay caught up and to blog more.  I think that this is a great way to keep up with our daily lives and I know that we'll appreciate it later in life.  Plus, I think our kids will enjoy it, too!

2 - Print a blog book.  At least one!  I want to do one for every year, so I need to get started!  So far I have zero, so I'm at least 3 behind.  I need to start playing catch-up on this, and fast!

3 - Re-furnish our house.  For the most part, we need new furniature for our entire house.  And we really need to get on the ball.  We might have to do it little piece by piece, but my goal is to get it done by the end of the year.  Or at least most of it!

4 - Take a vacation!  We really need to make this more of a priority in our lives!  We rarely take a "real" vacation, and LL is really getting to an age where she can enjoy it.  We are going to Disney in November, so hopefully we can add another trip in there somewhere.

5 - Strengthen my walk with Christ.  Seeing James's family deal with his death has really shown me the kind of relationship that I want to have with Christ.  He's ready to do it, he's just waiting on me.  I need to step up and make it happen.

6 - Try new recipes.  I know this sounds silly, but I feel like I cook the same things over and over.  I want to start branching out and trying new things at home!

7 - Continue to keep a neat house.  We did better with this in 2010, but there's still room for improvement!

8 - Have date nights with Matt.  We rarely did this last year, and I really want to do it more often.  We can do it, we just have to make it happen!

9 - Make some new friends.  We've started on this track, especially after joining CrossPointe, I just want to continue on this path!

10 - Have more patience, especially at home.  I feel like I'm often so much more grumpy with Matt.  I know that he doesn't get the best of my day (usually) and he really should!  I need to try to have a more pleasant attitude around him!

11 - Be a supportive wife.  With Matt starting a new job, he's really needed a lot more support than I'm used to.  I want to be the wife that he needs backing him up this year!

12 - Have an awesome summer with LL.  She is at SUCH a fun age and I want to make the most of every day with her this summer!  We did get Wild Adventures tickets this year, so I'm hoping that we'll spend a lot of time at the Splash Park!

13 - Dress cuter.  I've been better at this than years past, but I want to get even better.  What does this mean?  I need to start shopping sales!  What a bummer!  :)

Well, this is it!  I need to try to visit this post every so often to make sure that I'm on track!  And having some people hold me accountable to these goals wouldn't hurt, either!  ;)

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Emily said...

maybe we can motivate each other for the blog book thing! lord knows i'm crazy behind! ;) and i'd like to think that i help motivate the dressing cute thing haha