Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting Our Party On!

Matt and I are not really "party people", and we don't have friends who are huge "partyers", either.  That means that our New Years Eves are usually pretty tame.  If we even make it to stay up until 12:00 - haha. This year, we got an invitation to my friend Erin's wedding.  Erin was my very first friend ever.  We both went to Humpty Dumpty pre-school, so I've literally known her longer than anyone else (excluding family, obvs).  In grade school, we fought like cats and dogs, but we've always loved each other fiercely, too.  We haven't really been keeping up with each other a lot lately (except thru Facebook), so I was really excited to get her invitation!

How cool is this?  They had their wedding at 8:00, and then their reception was also a New Years Eve party!  If you're a party type person, this is the way to go!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Erin looked gorgeous!  It made me feel awesome because as soon as she walked into the church, she looked at me and got a HUGE smile on her face.  Then, when I talked to her at the reception, she said that it made her night that we were there and that seeing me when she walked thru the door of the church stopped her from crying because it made her so happy!  Don't you love it when people are genuinely excited to see you?  Her dress was something that I could never pull off - but it looked stunning on her!  I'm proud to say that we did actually make it until 12:00 at her reception, but we left right after because I was soooo tired.  I am for sure not much of a night person! 

I was so happy that we got invited, and Matt and I had a great time!  Here are my (few) pictures from the night:

Ready to go get our party on!  Isn't the sky beautiful?  One of the perks of living in the country.  :)

The beautiful bride!!  She looked stunning!

Having fun at the reception.  It was SO dark in there, so my pics didn't come out great.

With Erin's parents.  I practically lived at their house some years!

Starting our new year out right!

I realize I'm mega behind (I'm trying to catch up as hard as I can!), but what did you do for New Years?


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