Monday, July 3, 2017

Cooper's 5th Birthday Letter from Mommy


My sweet boy, you are now FIVE!  Not only are you five, you are so very proud of it!  You will gladly tell people how old you are, and you are so proud to finally be able to hold up all of the fingers on one hand to show how old you are.

Out of all of the years of your life so far, I would say that this year has brought about the most changes.  You have truly gone from being a little kid to being a big kid.  This wasn't without its own set of growing pains, but we are patiently working through and loving you through those.  

You absolutely thrived this year at preschool.  You loved your class, your teachers, and your friends.  School was so great for helping your mature this year.  You have gotten so much better at waiting your turn, sharing, and being aware of the feelings of those around you.  You still struggle with not being in routine (I wonder who you could have gotten that from!), and your anger has gotten the best of you some this year.  I dare to say that 4 years old was harder in those areas with you than any other age!  But I can see you coming through those things already, and you're truly learning how to handle things like a big boy.

While you are still adventurous and all boy, you have also started to show some fears this year.  Things like being scared of the dark, or being scared of noises, or not always wanting to try new things.  Thankfully, we know that all of these things are normal and it just means that you are more aware of the things around you! 

Your imagination has just taken off and you love to play in the world of pretend!  Sometimes you're a frog, sometimes your "going off to school" with Lorelai, and sometimes you have some pretty epic battles with all of your Avengers.  You also have learned to love to play with things while being still this year (a hard task for a busy boy!) . You absolutely love play dough and sand, and you're starting to enjoy coloring and painting more and more.

While you're still not an animal person like your sister, you have started to really come around to animals in the last year.  You love to say "hey kitty!" so sweetly and pet Lovie's head.  You and Aspyn have also become the best of friends this year.  She tolerates you jumping on her, laying on her, and chasing after her, and you love to do it!  

One of my favorite things about this year (especially the last 6 months), that I will proudly shout from the rooftops, is how much you love your Mommy!  At night, you beg for me to come and sing to you (and you prefer me to Daddy!).  While I do, you rub my hair and just smile up at me so sweetly.  You tell me no less than 20 times a day how much you love me, and I adore it every single time.  You love to give hugs and just hold my hand.  If I put on a dress, you tell me how beautiful I am all on your own.  For this minute, you are truly a Momma's boy, and I am treasuring this time.  All too soon you will be ready to be "all boy" with Daddy, and my time will fade to the background.  But for right now, you are mine!

Your relationship has changed with LL so much this year.  You two can fight so terribly one minute, but then you can play so sweetly the next minute.  While the fighting is stressful and often ends with tears (sometimes for all of us!), I also know that this is your way of figuring out (for both of you!) how you two fit together.  You are forming a bond (that sometimes takes battle wounds!) that I pray will last the both of you for the rest of your life.  When it comes down to it, you absolutely adore Lorelai and will do almost anything she asks of you.  You are blessed with a wonderful big sister who is a great example to you.  

Sweet Cooper, I love you so very much.  You are a happy, silly, sweet, energetic, funny little boy.  You light up our world, and I seriously can not imagine life without you in it.  I can not wait to see what this next year has in store for you!  

I love you,


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