Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer - Week 8

Our 8th week of summer was mostly full with VBS, but we also managed to fit in some more fun here and there.  This week ran from July 10 - 16.  Here's what we were up to:


This morning kicked off our first day of VBS.  This was Cooper's first year to go to VBS.  I also volunteered to work in the snack area.  Since it was Cooper's first year, I wanted to be able to be there and check on him if he needed it!

Excited and ready to go!

I loved being able to see the kids when they came through for their snack!

LL was so so happy to have some friends there with her!

Cooper got in line with all the boys to see Darth Vader - haha.

We all made it through day 1!

We were all tired that afternoon, so I got some snuggles in with my best girl.

After the kids went to bed, Matt and I got to work painting shirts for Cow Appreciation Day the next day!


Both kids were so excited to get up and moving for VBS!

That evening, we all got dressed up to head to Chick-Fil-A for some free food!

Cooper usually only likes to see the cow from a distance.  He surprised us all when he was super into the cow this visit!

Hugs and everything!

A fun dress-up night and free food - we are a happy bunch!

The bulls.  :)

The girl cows.  :)

The Parker's came in as we were finishing up, and I am proud to say that all of my persistence with Tess has paid off this summer; she will now let me hold her!

Cow kids!

I started book #42 for the year on Tuesday - this one is a good one!


Middle of the week and ready for another morning at VBS!

Seeing both of them at snack time was my favorite part of the morning!

I'd like to say that seeing me was Cooper's favorite part of the morning was seeing me....but I'm pretty sure it was the nachos.

The snack squad!

Emily posted a picture of sushi a few days before and got me craving it so bad.  The kids and I stopped to pick some up on the way home from VBS - and it was so good!


While I was getting ready for VBS this morning, Hulk showed up!

Thursday evening, I was just going stir crazy after every afternoon in the house.  Matt is so sweet and took over for me and let me take off once he got home.  I went into town by myself and did some shopping and picked up dinner - it was so nice and exactly what I needed!


We were ready for our last day!  LL asked for a picture of her and Lovie.  :)

Meg and I had a great week hanging out with almost 400 kids and Darth Vader - haha.

After VBS, we went to lunch and Zaxby's with Gigi and then to her house for nap time.  While Cooper napped, LL showed me all of her crafts she made during the week.  This astronaut helmet was so cute!

That afternoon, Matt met me at Gigi's.  We left LL there to spend the night and took Cooper in to town to do some school shopping.  After we shopped, we went to dinner at Olive Garden.  While we were there, Gigi and Poppy came in with LL!  We switched tables around and ended up all sitting together.


Saturday morning we had to pick up LL from mom's, so we went over there early to let the kids swim for a few hours!

I started book #43!  I always love James Patterson and am rarely disappointed.

I did a cleansing mask while I read.  ;)

Aspyn did not quite know what to think about it!


Sunday morning Grammy and Pop came to church with us to see the new building.  When church was over, we all went to lunch together!

We spent the rest of the evening at home, and I fixed a yummy acai bowl for myself for dinner.

Here's a video of some of our other moments from the week:

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