Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer - Week 6

After a pretty crazy week during week 5 of summer, we toned things down a little for week 6.  Week 6 of summer was from June 26 - July 2.  Here's what we were up to!


I actually had to go to work for two days this week for a Building Leadership Team data retreat (doesn't that sound so fun?!).  For those two days, we decided to split up the kids and let them get some one-on-one time with grandparents.

This is what my Monday looked like:

And this is what LL's Monday looked like - haha.  She enjoyed hers much more than I did!

LL hang out with Ben at Gigi's house while Cooper played at Oma and Opa's.


Tuesday was back to work for me.  This time, LL went to Oma and Opa's, and Cooper got some time with Ben at Gigi's.


Wednesday I was free to enjoy my summer again!  Haha.  We had a lazy day at home planned that started with these two laying on the floor together.

We have an ac company that comes out twice a year to service our air conditioner, and this was the day our maintenance was scheduled.  Matt had a meeting at work he had to be at (he usually handles repair people at the house), so I told him I would be fine with the ac guy.  Well.  He came inside to let me know that there was a lot of water in the ground around the ac unit.  Great.  I went outside, and it was literally bubbling out of the ground.  I called Matt (who ended up having to come home anyway).  This pipe runs from our well to our house, and it had busted.  Thankfully, this was about a $9 fix!  Considering that we've already had to replace our hot water heater this year and we just had a shower issue a few weeks ago, I don't think 2017 is going to be a great year for our house.

I was stressing about all the pipe stuff (before we knew it was an easy fix), so I indulged in a McFlurry and Netflix during naps.  #amen

We spent some time in the pool after naps.  Cooper got this awesome float for his birthday, so we blew it up for him.  Both kids love jumping on to it!


We decided after the day we had on Wednesday, we needed to get out of the house for a little bit!  We went by the library to hide some rocks and get some books!  Cooper hid a rock that he painted himself!

After the library, we had Cooper's monthly chiropractor visit.  We hid some rocks while we were there, too!

Cooper "hides" from Dr. Ken (in the same spot) every.  single.  time.  

That evening, I left the kids with Matt and went to a fun baby shower at local cupcake place.

When you show up and you unintentionally coordinate with your bff.  #greatminds

Casey looks great for being 37 weeks pregnant!


Friday morning the kids and I went to Gigi's house to get some more pool time in with Ben!

That evening, Grammy and Pop kept the kids and fed them dinner so that Matt and I could have a quick date night!


I was not a happy camper when I woke up to my favorite flip flops looking like this.

One of our yearly summer traditions is picking blueberries at a local farm.  We decided this was the perfect day to do it!  It was hot, but the kids were troopers and we filled up our whole bucket!

Grammy met us there to pick some blueberries, too!

We were so hot after picking blueberries that we decided the best way to cool off would be to go to the peach shed for some ice cream!

Strawberry is my favorite!

Kayla and Andrew came over that evening to hang out for a little while.  Cooper wants to be a chef when he grows up, so we got him this adorable chefs coat (link here) for his birthday, so we busted it out for the first time and baked some cream cheese banana blueberry bread!

LL wasn't very interested in helping us bake, but she was interested in snuggling Koko!

Sunday morning we spent at church, and Sunday afternoon we spent in the pool!

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