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Summer - Week 5

Our 5th week of summer was from June 19 - June 25.  Here's what we were up to!


I knew we had kind of a crazy week ahead of us, so Monday we decided to take it pretty easy.  In the morning we went over to Gigi's house to swim with some friends!  Meghan, Luke, and Kayla came.  My aunt was also there with her three granddaughters, and my great-aunt came over with two of her grandkids.  

This is my kind of swimming!

Cooper has just taken off in the swimming department this summer!  He is doing great!

Braiding hair by the pool.  :)

It was also Kayla's birthday!  I know she dreamed of spending it at the pool with a million kids - haha.

We headed home for lunch and nap time, and Cooper asked to hold Koko and take a picture with her.  He's not a huge animal person, but he loves Koko!

We had one of my favorite summer dinners that night - bbq rotisserie chicken, mozzarella, and avocado.  So good!

On Tuesday we had a super fun day planned!!  Emily and I loaded up all 5 kids and hit the road to go to MOSH in Jacksonville!  This summer started off super rainy, and this was a perfect trip to escape town (and all the rain) and do something fun inside!

The girls all fit in one row (Tess was there, she just faces backwards so she wasn't in the picture).

The two boys got to sit in the very back.

When we got on I-10 to Jax, we came to a standstill because of a pretty bad wreck.  After a few minutes, the GPS on my phone just basically said "Sorry!  Road closed!" with no offer of another route (because there really wasn't one).  Emily and I were laughing about it because it basically was just a "good luck"! Haha.

What do you do you see what's going on?  Open the sun roof, climb out, take a picture, and then zoom it in to see what's happening - haha.

We ended up getting there about an hour later than we planned, but it was no big deal!  We had absolutely no goals for the day other than to go, have fun until we were done, and then go home.  

We got one free show with our ticket purchase, so we chose the laser show.  It was starting right as we got there, so we went straight there as soon as we got inside.

Waiting for the show to start!  Honestly, it wasn't our favorite part of the day.  Both of my kids were randomly super nervous and both cried some (I think Britt did a little, too), and Kye was convinced they were hypnotizing us - haha.  

After the show, we went back to the ground floor to look around and work our way to the top.  First up?  A touch tank!  This was obviously a hit with the kids.

They had this awesome life sized whale!

Boys and bones. (Can I just say that I love that Emily and I both dressed the boys in dinosaur shirts without even talking about it?  #greatminds)

We went to a science experiment show which was much cooler than the laser show.  It was pretty awesome until the end when the girl was going to blow open the locked doors by lighting a balloon on fire, and LL lost her mind.  She was terrified the whole room was going to explode - haha.  It didn't, and we were fine.  ;)

They had an animal feeding time outside in a little pond area.  We went out there a few minutes early to look around and have a snack before it started.

Looking for turtles!

This turtle's back legs were so funny!  That doesn't look relaxing at all!

Having a blast with my kids and my best friend!

Group pic with the astronaut!

There was this neat area at the end where you could dance in front of this screen, but all it showed was your bones and organs!

After we finished with the museum, we decided to go to McDonald's for a snack before heading home!

Milkshakes and french fries!

Ready for the journey home!

We put in a movie for the kids on the way home, and I was shocked when I turned around and saw this.  We did miss naps while we were there, but Cooper literally never naps in the car.  The museum must have worn him out!

Our traveling crew!


On Wednesday, both kids went to Oma and Opa's house for the day.  Oma and Opa had been wanting to spend some time with them, and it gave me a good break after our trip the day before.

Matt wore his new shirt he got for Father's Day to the gym.  ;)

I needed to run some errands for Cooper's birthday party in town, and my mom was in town, too, so we met up and ran errands together!  I had to go into Hobby Lobby, and mom found her first rocks on the way in!

So fun!

The last stop on our pretty long list of errands was Sam's.  We had worked up an appetite, so we split a cinnamon sugar pretzel.  :)

Matt picked up some blank rocks for us on the way home, and we started painting some of our own to hide!

Matt's look exponentially better than mine.  His is the fish - mine are the others.


What we needed on Thursday was a day at home to just catch up on chores and stay in our pj's.  It was good in theory, but by 9:30 am, this his how it was going:

Thankfully, we got some happy hearts (with a little help from some spankings), and I came up with a little art project for the kids.  I drew these little towns for them to paint:

Getting to work!

LL worked on hers for almost an hour - Cooper's held his attention for about 15 minutes - haha.

An activity that held his attention even longer was to bury Aspyn in pillows over and over.  She was so patient and just stayed there. 

Cooper's finished product!

LL's finished product!

They were very proud of their finished product!

That afternoon, Cooper picked the first cantaloupe from our garden! 


We had a super fun day planed on Friday.  Ben was in town, so the kids and I went and picked him up and then headed to the water park with Emily and her kids!

Group picture!

Silly faces!

We've got to stop at the Dizzy Dragons on the loooong walk to the back of the park!

Emily and her crew left at lunch, but me and my three stayed for another few hours.  Eating (super expensive and gross) lunch in the park is a treat for my two!  I would be a much happier Momma if they would start letting you bring in your own food!

My first time solo at the water park with three kids - no one got lost, no one got injured, and everyone had fun.  Success!

Snow cones on the way out because everyone listened so well and had happy hearts!


Saturday was the day of Cooper's Avengers birthday party!  You can read all about that here!


Sunday was Cooper's actual birthday.  We filled the day with all of his favorite things and people!  You can read about it here.

I'm trying something new this post.  I had a lot of little videos like I normally do for the week.  Instead of uploading them individually to youtube and then linking them all separately, I turned them all into an iMovie and uploaded that instead.  Here is our video for the 5th week of summer!  Enjoy!

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