Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Destin - Day 2

Our kids are typically pretty early risers (as in 5:30), but thankfully they slept until 6 beach time (which was 7 home time).  We managed to keep them occupied in the room until about 9:00 (partly by letting them jump on the beds - here is Video 1 and Video 2 of that craziness).  It stormed the night before (thankfully only while we were sleeping), so that meant that Sunday it was pretty overcast, windy, and not very hot - it was perfect!

My three favorite people + the beach = perfection!

I finally released them from their picture taking duty, and the took off for the water!

Here's a video of them playing in the water.

This picture doesn't show her face, but I love how you can tell that she's smiling super big.  Both of my kids just love the beach.

It's kind of hard to see, but this is their names and the year in the sand.

While the kids played, Matt started on an epic sand castle!

The finished product!

My best girl!

Since his first time at the beach, Cooper has loved for me (or anyone) to hold him and swing him through the waves.  I soaked it up this year because I'm pretty sure this will be the last year that I'm able to do it - he's just getting too big and too heavy!

Daddy can definitely pick him up much higher!

Look at that smile!

Here are two videos (Video 1 and Video 2) of Matt swinging him through the waves.

I love her expression in this!

Queen of the beach!  Here's a video of Matt swinging LL through the waves just like Cooper.

The people next to us dug this big hole, and the kids had fun playing in it for a few minutes.  We stayed until after lunch, and then headed back to the room to rest and (hopefully) nap.  Before we left, Cooper had fun destroying the sand castle - here's a video.

Nap time success!!  And my goodness he still looks like a baby when he sleeps!

Cooper and Matt napped, LL watched a movie, and I started a new book!

After naps, we got ready and headed to dinner at Fudpucker's. (spoiler alert: food - not good, entertainment - great)

The reason we picked Fudpucker's is because we had driven by the day before and saw that they had "Alligator Beach" and we knew the kids would be so pumped about it.  We were right.  :)

You could buy little packets of food and feed them with this fishing pole type thing.  We (obviously) bought some, and the kids were so excited.  Here's a video of the kids talking about what to do.  Here's a video of Cooper feeding them.  Here's a video of LL feeding them.

They also had an area where you could pay to hold a baby alligator and both kids were beyond excited to do that.  LL wanted to go first, and I figured that would be good for Cooper to see her go.  She rocked it out!  This girl loves absolutely anything that has to do with animals.

When it was Cooper's turn, he got super nervous and wouldn't do it.  He finally decided he could hold the tail if LL held the head - and the picture turned out adorable!

After dinner, we looked up a local ice cream shop for dessert!

When we looked it up, it had good reviews, but it honestly turned out to be a flop.  It was not actually ice cream, but custard (which is usually pretty thick).  When we got ours, it was all soupy and runny and just made a massive mess for all of us.

See our napkin pile?  Haha.

It didn't help that Daddy dropped LL's ice cream on her shirt - haha.

Day 2 was a hit!  After dinner, we went back to the room for an early bed time and the hopes that the weather would cooperate for another fun day on the beach!

If you missed day 1 of our trip, you can read about it here.


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