Wednesday, May 10, 2017

April Randoms

April was a pretty low-key month for us, which was pretty nice.  Starting in May, things get a lot more hectic (in a great way!) with getting out of school, summer, vacations, etc.  

Here's a look at what we were up to that didn't fit into a post by itself:

Lovie has found a new favorite place to sleep during the day (she's inside during the day and outside at night), and that is Matt's sink -haha.  I don't know how she thought of this (we've had her for years and she's never done this before), but I think it's because she's up high enough that Aspyn can't mess with her.  We've had Aspyn for almost a year and Lovie is still not a fan.

There was a pretty epic facebook post happening one day with me, Matt and several other people.  In said post, Matt told me to get in the kitchen and make him a sandwich (totally joking).  This was my response (totally not joking).

Grammy sent me this picture one afternoon - Cooper found a toad while he was playing in the pool one afternoon and named it "Cooper" - haha.

Tball started up for the season!

We had a "Trolls" day one day where we watched the movies and baked some Trolls themed cookies that we had!

I do not love Aspyn on the couch (she sheds like a beast), but Matt usually lets her up there in the mornings after I leave for school.  While I don't love her up there, sweet pictures like this just melt my heart.

For Easter, our church had some chicks and bunnies the Sunday before!

LL loves some morning selfies in the car line!

When you sometimes feel like you work in a zoo, you have to have an (appropriate) snack every now and then.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have a goal for 2017 to read 100 books.  I don't think I'll get to that many (I predict that I'll reach 70-80), but I like to set my goal high so that I will push myself.  This was book #21 for the year.  If you are a reader, this one was so good!  It took me a little bit to get into it, but once I did, I could not put it down.

I also have a life-time goal to read every one of James Patterson's books (#nerdalert) because he's my favorite author.  One the same tone, I don't like to read his books in a row because they tend to be more heavy.  This was my 22nd book for the year.

A few days after his first toad, Cooper found another one that he named "Lorelai" (notice a theme?).  We found out later that this one was poisonous (#winning).

This is how we're all feeling towards the end of the school year - haha.

Another car line selfie with my best girl.

Matt has been slacking on my "happy morning" pictures from Cooper, but I did get a few this month.

One afternoon, Matt and Cooper went out back to feed the chickens and get the eggs.  While Matt was opening a new bag of feed, he asked Cooper to count the eggs.  Cooper opened up the nesting box and said "There's a snake!"  Sure enough - this bad boy was inside coiled around the eggs.  Egg thieves don't get to live!

Cooper was so excited for tball this year, and he is loving it!

Cooper picked a flower for his teacher (which was wilted and sad once he got to school - haha).

 Me and a few friends started a book club this month, and The Circle was our first book (spoiler: the book was not my fav).

Cooper looks so big to me in these pictures from tball!

A local cupcake place hosted a "Beauty and the Beast" night, so we went to meet Belle and get some cupcakes.  Cooper was so excited to go and meet her, and then got super shy and wouldn't have anything to do with her when we got there.  When we left, he talked about how pretty she was - haha.

Instead of a cupcake, I opted for an amazing cookie.

Holding hands with my boy is my favorite. #staythislittle

LL had a class field trip that Gigi and Poppy went to.

My yummy dinner one night: strawberries, bananas, honey, and granola.

We usually have our yearly family pictures done at the end of May, but it is always so stinking hot.  This year, I got smart and scheduled them for the end of April instead.  We actually had a cold snap the day of pictures and it was only about 65 degrees that day.  It was so much better than almost 100 degrees!

Lindsay at Captured By Colson is truly an amazing photographer (and friend) and an absolute joy to work with.  Kayla is a lifesaver when it comes to pictures - she gets good smiles and helps wrangle kids!

Lindsay has been taking our pictures since LL was 3 years old and I was pregnant with Cooper!

April was a pretty stressful month for me, and I had to keep reminding myself of this.

Cooper drew this family portrait and I absolutely adore it!  He started the school year only scribbling on his paper - now he can write his name and draw pictures!

Matt sent me these pictures one morning after I left for school.  He sat down on the couch to eat his breakfast, and the following happened:

Grammy and Pop bought a watermelon and made Cooper a watermelon boat for the pool!

Book #27 for the year - not my favorite.  I struggled through it.

More things to remind myself of:

Thumbs up for stacking his cars on the blinds.

There is a restaurant in the town where I teach that makes these amazing muffins.  Like - life changing muffins.  Muffins isn't even a good word for them, but no one knows what else to call them.  I teach the son of the woman who makes them, and she brought us some muffins one morning.  I tried out a new flavor (lemon!  so good!) and sent Matt this picture to make him jealous.

Still working on my stress level - haha.

I had to post this to my Instagram.  And if you don't get it, we can't be friends.

Field Day!  Sadly, she started feeling bad before it started, and I went and picked her up early from school, so she missed the whole thing.  :(

After I got her, she just stayed at school with me for the rest of the afternoon.  Some of my sweet girls played outside with her during our Friday Recess.

A friend posted this on facebook and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  I may or may not have sat alone in my classroom for a little bit and just cried when I read it.

The kids saw these on a commercial and have been talking about them for a while.  I ordered them off of Amazon (for a good bit cheaper) and gave it to them as a surprise!

One Saturday, Matt got up with the kids to run errands and let me sleep in in a quiet house - it was so nice!!  While they were out and about, they stopped for breakfast at Waffle House.

We also had our first book club meeting to discuss "The Circle" and see the movie.  Spoiler: I liked the movie even less that I liked the book!  But I had a really good time talking with these ladies and getting in some girl time!

That's a wrap for April!! 


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