Friday, May 12, 2017

Family Pictures: Cooper at {almost} 5 Years Old

Since our family pictures took place sandwiched in between the kids' birthdays (LL in February and Cooper in June), we just go ahead and count these are their "birthday/new age pictures".  So while, technically, Cooper is still 4 in these pictures, we go ahead and count them as his 5 year pictures (I don't think he'll change much in the next two months).

In looking back at Cooper's pictures from last year, he still was hanging on to a little bit of that "babyness".  Looking at the pictures from this year, he is not!  He has just grown so much in the last year.  And it is no secret that he is so tall!

He was also a lot more calm for these pictures than he has ever been for pictures before, so Lindsay really had the opportunity to capture to sweet smiles from him! 

Here's a look at Cooper at (almost) 5 years old:


The last few months of being 4!

This picture just screams "energy" to me.  While he is being still and smiling, I feel like you can just see the boy inside of him ready to take off running!



I love this silly picture of my boys showing off their muscles!

These are such great images of our sweet, energetic, "all boy" boy! 

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