Monday, May 15, 2017

Family Pictures: Sibling Shots

Out of all of the different types of pictures that we take in our yearly sessions, I would say that trying to get a decent shot of just the two kids together is probably the toughest one (and all the mommas of more than one child said "amen").  It's just not the easiest to make sure that they're both looking, both smiling, and both okay with being only inches from each other (or heaven forbid - maybe even touching).  All of that to say, Lindsay is a miracle worker and managed to get some great ones of both kids together this year!


Even though these next two have Matt and I in them, I'm counting them as sibling shots since you can't see all of us.  (You gotta do what you gotta do!)

This is one of my favorites from the whole session!




Next up: 13 Year Anniversary pics of me and Matt!
You can see LL's 8 year pictures HERE, and Cooper's *almost* 5 year pictures HERE.


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