Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Randoms

Here are all of the random things from December that didn't make it into a post by themselves:

Every teacher in December (really - all year) feels me on this!

He loves his new sweat shirt.  :)

Cooper had a birthday party at our old skating rink/new jump place.  My mom has a picture of me on this rock when I wasn't much older than Coop!

We attempted a new hair cut (at home!) . Not perfect, but not terrible!

He sleeps hard at Gigi's!

After talking about it for like two years, Matt finally had a procedure done this month to make it official that we won't have any more babies.  He was grinning in the waiting room (thanks Valium!)

But no more grins once they took him back!  Haha.  He did fine, though, and it really turned out to be not that big of a deal.

Early morning snuggles.  Aspyn is so patient with these kids.

Cooper and Opa having a battle!

I ordered both of these for myself over Thanksgiving break.  They took forever to come in, but it was so perfectly timed when they did.

We got hit in December with quite a few health scares with our parents, and the first lesson in my new devotion was perfect.

Our life is sometimes chaotic, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

LL and I had a countdown to Christmas break going!

Cooper came home with a nativity that he made at school.  He was so proud of it, and it was just so precious and sweet.

Snuggle buddies!

She's started sleeping with my old teddy bear from when I was little and I absolutely love it.

DONE with all of our wrapping!

How did we spent some of the mornings of Christmas break?  PJ's, bed head, and playdough!

Sparkle was up to some shenanigans this year!

We always have to meet up with our best friends at the park over school break!  LL was so sweet with Logan and helped him the whole time.

These two love running and being boys together!

After the park, Matt took the kids to Chik-Fil-A for lunch (while I had some quite time at Chicken Salad Chick with my mom for lunch), and Cooper ran into a friend from school!

Bums!  Also noted - I hate Aspyn being on the couch, but does that stop anything?  Evidentially not.

LL spent a day with Gigi and Poppy and they had a bunch of fun crafts for her to do!

The same day, Cooper spent the day with Oma and Opa and they took him to lunch at his favorite place - "blue Burger King".

More playdough time!

My new favorite thing to eat - homemade acai bowls topped with banana and granola!  Yum!!

LL got some leggos for Christmas (a first!) and she put this one together all by herself!

Dressed like a hot mess and ready to go outside with his new Nerf gun!

When you don't take a nap, this is what happens while you wait for Mommy to cook dinner:

No break from school would be complete without a trip to the library!

And that is a WRAP on December AND 2016!!


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