Friday, April 1, 2016

March Randoms

Happy April!!  We aren't big "April Fools" people, so today is just a normal day around the Mullican house.  We are pumped for Spring, and April definitely screams "spring" to us.  Summer is getting so close, Spring Break has been a blast (post to come), and we are loving this time of year!

Here's a look back at some random stuff from March that didn't fit into a post by itself:

After breaking her ankle, we kept LL home for an additional day to get used to wearing her boot and walking again.  It for sure was a big transition for her.  She stayed with Gigi for that extra day, and she did a great job wearing the boot and gaining confidence in walking by herself!

Ready to go to Gigi's!

Bless her.  Playing with your toys isn't super easy when you've got a big boot on!

Matt and I both took time to vote in our state primaries - you can't complain about politics if you don't put your vote in!

Cooper had wacky Wednesday at school, and Daddy did a great job getting him dressed!

Cooper is starting t-ball this Spring, so of course I used this as an excuse to get myself a cute, monogrammed baseball tshirt.  ;)

Cooper isn't super into coloring (mainly because he isn't super into holding still), but he has been showing more interest lately.

My boys at preschool drop-off!

While LL and I were on our girl's trip in Atlanta, Cooper was getting plenty spoiled at home.  First up: dinosaur ice cream from Bruster's!

Grammy and Pop also bought him his very first fishing pole, and...

Daddy took him fishing the next day and he caught his very first fish!!

LL had FOUR wiggly teeth this month!  She lost one bottom one on her own the same day as the Daddy/Daughter Dance.  Then, she let Daddy pull two after we got home from Atlanta.

Grammy met me at the sewing store one afternoon after school, and we got LL's fabric for her Easter dress!

When Grammy made Cooper's Easter shirt, he insisted on putting it on and sending me a picture right away!

If there are two things this boy loves, it is riding his scooter and being outside.  He would literally do this all day long!

Grammy and Pop had to put their dog, Sunny, down this month.  We knew it was coming, so we went over to say goodbye to him.  He has been around for both kids' entire lives.  We're all going to miss him a ton.

After much stress, LL finally let Daddy pull her last wiggly tooth!  She is a snaggle tooth, for sure!

Matt sent me these next pictures while he and Cooper were waiting for drop-off one day, and I absolutely adore them.  They are my new favorite pictures of them!

Cooper spent the day with Gigi one day.  They went on a walk with Olive, and Cooper told Gigi how to spell "STOP"!

Gigi texted me and said, "Do you guys put your sunglasses on your head?" - haha.  Yes!  We do!

Yes, Lola is still around and doing great.  And, yes, she's still super spoiled.

After the Bunny Hop, Cooper got to try his first ring pop!

We've been attempting Sunday morning pictures lately.  We had to take about 20, but we got this gem!

I dig preschool!

After 2 weeks, LL went back to the orthopedist for a check up.  Her ankle was healing great, and he only gave her another 10 days in the boot.

Grammy and Pop were getting their garden ready to plant, and they found a few carrots from last year still hanging on!  We pulled this one out and LL promptly ate it.  :)

I ordered the kids some vinyl stickers to go on their Easter buckets.  They look so much better now!  I ordered from Ann Monograms (the same shop that did our Disney shirts), and she did a fantastic job again!

After LL broke her ankle, Matt and I debated a little about if we needed to get rid of the trampoline.  Well.  The problem was solved for us a few weeks later.  Matt was outside playing with the kids while I cooked dinner - and he fell right through!!  We don't have shade in our yard, so after 3 years, it had dry rotted enough for Matt to go right through!  Thankfully, Matt was fine (and Cooper continued to jump around the hole laughing - haha).  I guess this solves our problem!

Gigi and Poppy went to eat lunch with LL at school one day.  LL loved it!

LL and her sweet friends at recess.

LL's bunny is the purple one in the middle on the top row!  I'm pretty impressed!

Gigi and Poppy also took her to the book fair the day they were at the school!

Cooper doing some more coloring!

Grammy and Pop also went to eat lunch with LL this month.  They went on St. Patrick's day, and Madeline ate lunch with them, too.

Cooper spent some time at Oma and Opa's!

While I was getting ready one morning, I looked into the bedroom and saw this.  Good for nothing, this dog.

Matt told Cooper to take a picture for Mommy, and this is what he did - haha.  I love this boy!

Take 2 :)

The kids got sleeping bags for Christmas and insisted on pulling them out one night to watch TV.

LL's finished Easter dress!

I saw this on social media, and it was so perfect.

One night after dinner, we decided to go on a family walk!

I haven't colored my hair since last March, so I was long overdue!  I wanted my ends to be a good bit lighter than they were last year, and Angel did a fantastic job!  I'm in love with the results!

I looked over one Sunday after church and saw this.  Matt was out cold!
Here are a couple of random videos from this month:
-Matt sent me this video of Cooper while I was out of town to tell me goodnight.  His little sleepy blink just melts my heart.
-Also while I was on my trip, Matt sent me this video of him teaching Cooper how to reel his new fishing pole.  Don't you just love the mess surrounding them?  It was a bachelor's weekend, for sure!
-This is a video that Grammy sent me.  LL spent the night with them one weekend, and she and Uncle Bryan's dog, Chase, were barking at each other.  :)

And that's a wrap for March!


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