Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cooper's 1st T-Ball Game

Around February, Matt and I talked and decided to sign Cooper up for tball this year.  Cooper is just such an active little boy, and we just felt that this was something that he would really love to do!  As we see his personality develop more and more, I really can see him being the type of kid that just thrives and does so much better when he is in sports to help him get some energy out.  

We signed him up in February, but he didn't start any practices or anything until late March.  This past Monday, he had his first game!  He is on the Giants, and one of his best little friends from school is even on his team!

All dressed up and ready to go!

I could just eat him up!

Getting ready for his game!

I loved seeing them all line up for warm-ups!

Cooper is #9!

Great throw!

Daddy is helping coach!

The game hadn't started yet, but he had his stance going!  I just love it!

Focused and ready to go!

Cooper's turn to bat!

He may not be a strong batter (yet), but this boy is a beast when it comes to running!

Made it to 1st base with Daddy!  Look at that smile!

One of his favorite parts of tball?  Playing in the dirt and chalk lines.  "Wook, Mommy!"

Running to 2nd!

Running home!

High 5's at the end of the game!

This was a great kick-off to a fun tball season!


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