Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap: Matt's Birthday Edition

This weekend we had a lot of fun stuff planned!  Mainly because it was Matt's birthday!!!  Matt absolutely loves to celebrate his birthday, and he usually tries to drag it out for the whole month.  ;)  We lucked out that his birthday landed on a Saturday this month, so we had a whole day to work with!  As usual, I kick our weekend off on Friday:


Matt sent me this picture on Friday morning.  We've been brushing Cooper's teeth since he was under a year, but we've never gotten him to try to do it himself.  Matt decided to start teaching him, and it was proof that we should have done it a lot earlier - Cooper does great at it.  #oops

Neon pink for Friday!

One of my students brought a baby duck to school on Friday!!  All the kids know I love animals (remember the pig earlier this year??), so I was excited to hold it!


Officially birthday day!  I posted this on Facebook.  There is no doubt - our family loves this man!  He is the glue that holds us together!

The kids and I got up early and let Matt sleep in.  While he slept in, we ran into town to get him a card, some donuts, and some hot coffee!  When we got back, we woke him up and surprised him!  After breakfast, we got ready for the day and cleaned up some.  Spiderman kept us all in check!

LL's best friend, Madeline, invited her to go to Jacksonville for the day to go see Frozen On Ice.  Emily and I took the kids to see Disney on Ice last Spring Break, and they loved it.  I hated for her to miss out on Matt's birthday, but Matt knew she really would love it and he didn't want her to miss out, even for his birthday (he's such a good Daddy).  They came to pick LL up around 10:00 to hit the road!  It was her first road trip without family!

Happy girls!

After we got LL safely on the road, we all packed up to meet Grammy and Pop for some fishing!  Since it was Daddy's day, he got to pick the activities!

Out of me, Matt, and Cooper, Cooper was the only one to catch any fish!  He caught about 5, and Matt and I both caught nothing!

After fishing, we came home for lunch and nap.  After nap, Gigi came over to watch Cooper while me, Matt, Kayla and Andrew went out for a birthday dinner!

36 looks amazing on this man!!

Andrew is back home!!!  It feels so great to all be back together again!!!

Matt picked a local Mexican place for dinner and it didn't disappoint!

What do adults do when they're trapped in a car together for a while?  Take crazy snapchat selfies and make each other laugh hysterically.

We all hung out for a while until both kids were asleep.  Then we bundled up to go outside and break in our new firepit!  We had so much fun sitting around the fire, telling funny stories, and singing to Pandora.  It was pretty chilly, though!  I shoved LL through my hoodie to help keep both of us warm.  ;)


Sunday was still more birthday fun!   But first -- church!  It was a blue and white Sunday for the Mullicans.

A little bit of mean mugging from LL - haha.

After church, we went to Grammy and Pop's to do a joint birthday lunch for Matt and Grammy.  After naps, we did some grocery shopping and then headed home to get ready for the week.  Another successful weekend in the history books!


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