Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016 - Part 2

If you missed part 1 of our Spring Break adventure, you can read about it HERE.  Here is how we wrapped up our Spring Break:


Since we had such a busy (and fun!) day on Tuesday, we decided to keep it a little more simple on Wednesday.  We spent the morning at home, and around 10:00 we left to visit on of my kids' favorite places...the library!!!

We got a ton of books for the kids (and even a few for Mommy), and then we went to Chick-Fil-A to meet up with Oma, Opa, and Daddy for lunch!  But of course we have to get some play time in before we eat!

Those sweet, smiling, sliding pictures are adorable, and I love them.  But honestly?  This one is more accurate.  :)

We got back home in plenty of time for Cooper to go down for his nap.  While I got him down and settled, this little book worm curled up with all of her new books to read!  A girl after my own heart!

I thought we needed some pretty spring flowers to enjoy on our Spring Break!


Thursday was supposed to be rainy in the morning (thankfully it didn't turn out to rain at all), but my mom and I decided to take our chances and take the kids to the strawberry patch!  We haven't been to the strawberry patch since I was pregnant with Cooper in 2012.  There used to be one closer to our house, but it closed down.  I asked around on facebook to see what local places people liked, and found that this one is owned by the same people that used to run the patch near us.  Since it had been raining during the week, I dressed the kids in their rain boots (prepared for mud) and we headed out!

Ready to get to picking!

We had to walk down to the rows that they had marked off for us.

Getting strawberry picking instructions.  Mostly for Cooper.  ;)

This sweet girl knew exactly what to do!

I was actually very impressed with Cooper.  He was calm and didn't run around like a crazy man, and he did a great job picking berries!  I thought I may have to deal with him picking a lot of under-ripe ones (strawberries won't ripen after you pick them), but he was very careful and methodical about picking only very red ones.

I just love this.

My big helpers!

My heart is just so full with these kids.  I love spending time with them, doing fun things with them, and showing them new and different things about the world!  I am so blessed that I am allowed to be their Mommy.

And on the lighter side - here is how the majority of our pictures look - haha.  This is why we take a ton and hope for a good one or two!

My prayer is that these two are life-long friends.

Gigi and I promised the kids that if they did a great job picking strawberries, we would let them play on the playground.  They did a great job helping, so off to the playground we went!

King of the tire mountain!

My strawberry girl!

I love this cute little tire tractor and his cute little grin.

While Cooper wanted to climb the mountain over and over, LL wanted to swing!

They also had this neat (huge) slide for the kids to play in!


Friday was a more relaxed day for us, and we planned to spend some of it with Daddy!  First up for the day?  Snuggling!  While it looks like Cooper is choking LL (and like she's asleep), I promise they were laying on the couch watching cartoons together.  ;)

Friday was also supposed to be a rainy day (and it actually was pretty nasty), so Daddy and I planned a fun indoor activity for the kids - bowling!!  LL has only been once before, and Cooper has never been, so it was a fun surprise!

Pure cuteness and sass!

I decided not to bowl and just to help out the kids.  And by help, I mean take pictures with them while it was Daddy's turn to bowl - haha.

For the second day in a row, Cooper really surprised me!  He did great at waiting for his turn, he was extremely polite (always asking to make sure it was his time to go), and he had so much fun!  We just need to work on him rolling the ball instead of throwing it - haha.

Watching to see how many pins he's going to get!

LL was a bowling pro and actually did very well!

After bowling, we dropped LL off with Oma and Opa so that she could spend the night.  Matt, Cooper, and I went home for lunch and nap.  After nap time, we dropped Cooper off to play at Gigi's house while Matt and I had a date night.  We *try* to fit in one date night a month.  Sometimes we don't make it, and sometimes we get more than one.  But it's always a goal of ours.  We've got to keep this marriage #1 priority or else we're no good to these kids!

We went out to dinner and Longhorns, and then headed to the movies to see Allegiant.  Matt can't eat popcorn while he has his braces on (and popcorn is his favorite), so we snuck in some cookies from Great American Cookie Company to make up for it!


Saturday morning we all slept in until 7:45 (even Cooper!).  LL was still at Oma and Opa's, so we had a spring cleaning day at home.  Since we had been go-go-go all week, it was nice to have a calm morning at home.  We let Cooper watch lots of movies since he hardly had any screen time during the week.  Sometimes you just have to have a movie day!  He alternated between watching movies and helping us clean.  We ended up getting a lot done!

For the second time in two days, Cooper came to us to let us know that he "fed Goldie and Bear" (LL's fish).  Well.  Let's just say - both times it wasn't very helpful.  And ended up like this.  Mommy and Daddy finally got smart after the second time and moved the fish food.

Cooper also had a blast learning about the fun camera options on Snapchat.  I don't ever snap anything, I just follow other people, but Cooper loved playing with this option!

He especially loves the alien - haha.

Matt went and picked up LL during Cooper's nap time, and she had a big night ahead of her - her first (non-family) sleep over!!  Her best friend, Madeline, came to stay the night with us.  These girls literally played in LL's room all night!


Sunday morning we all got up and ready for church.  The Easter bunny brought Cooper a Columbia shirt to match Daddy's, so they were twins for church.

Just look at these handsome boys!

While I was trying to get Cooper to look at me, I happened to take this picture.  The greatest thing about this is it is not staged or posed.  I always take a bunch of pictures in the hopes that I'll get one or two good ones.  They glanced at each other (this couldn't have lasted longer than 2 or 3 seconds) and I just happened to snap a picture right as they did.  This picture means so much more to me knowing that it happened organically.  It truly shows how these two feel about each other.

My two cuties are ready for church!

After nap time, I stayed inside to do some chores, and Matt and the kids headed outside to plant our garden!

Planting the carrot seed tape!

The finished product!  We have carrots, tomatoes, onions, and watermelons.

The kids were big helpers, and I can't wait to see their hard work pay off when we see things start to grow!

And that is a wrap on, quite possibly, my best spring break ever!  Now the countdown to summer is on!


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