Friday, January 15, 2016

November Randoms

Here's a look at all the random things from November that didn't fit into a post of their own:

Forgetting that it's your child's snack week (oops!) means an early morning trip to Publix before school.

Early morning waiting-on-the-bus selfies!

This boy would live outside if we let him.

Snuggles with Gigi!

All he wants for Christmas is a scooter of his own!

Yuck.  Look what the cat dragged in.  Literally.

Look who Daddy and Cooper found at the store!!  Nunu!!

Super Coop!!

LL spent a good hour in her room this day working on lots of puzzles like this!

A glimpse into the teenage years,  Laying in her bed texting her friends.

Ready for school! (and looking so grown up)

My turkey boy!

You know - just hanging out with spider man.

LL and her bff hanging out under my desk at school reading their AR books.

Another "ready for school" picture.  Daddy typically sends me one of these every morning.  They're my favorite.

Spider man!  With a cape!

Watching a movie and wearing KK's boots - haha.

"Mommy!  Take my picture with dis fwower!"

We took Cooper by to see some piglets that belong to our friend.  He was so excited.  The piglets - not so much.


I love my silly boys!

LL's teacher sent this to me during the day - LL got stung by a wasp at recess!!  This was her first time ever getting stung, but thankfully she didn't seem to have a reaction.

Watching the middle school basketball game with a friend.

Thumbs up!

That's a wrap for November!


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