Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LL's Awards Ceremony

About two weeks before school got out for Christmas break, we got a letter in the mail saying that LL was going to be getting an award at the next awards ceremony!  Last year, LL got an award for good citizenship (and at the same ceremony right before Christmas break).  When they send you the letter, they don't tell you what award your child is getting, so you just have to show up and see!  Just like last year, Matt and I were both able to go.  It fell during my planning time this year, so it actually made it super easy for me to be there.

Kids that are getting awards are allowed to sit with their parents.

Going up front to get her award!  She got the "Bee Attitude" award.  There are 4 qualifications for this award: Be respectful, Be engaged, Be positive, Be there
We talk with LL about having a happy heart so much (sometimes I feel like 100x a day), so it makes us so proud to know that she is having a happy heart and a positive attitude at school!

We are so proud of our girl!

Also just like last year, LL's best friend got an award on the same day, too!

My best girl!  She makes us so happy!

LL and her teacher, Mrs. Cindy.

I just love these girls and what a positive friendship they have found in each other.  I know how important my relationships with my girl friends are, and I think it's so great that LL is learning how to form those same kinds of friendships at a young age.  Having sweet, positive girl friends will serve her so well throughout her life!

You can see LL's awards ceremony from last year HERE.


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