Thursday, January 14, 2016

Daily Robyn: November

We are getting so close to me finishing my #dailyRobyn posts for the year!  Woohoo!

Day 305: The unexpected sweetness melts my heart.

Day 306: "My do a silly smile."

Day 307: I love a fresh haircut!

Day 308: I love these sweet girls and their love for each other.  They cam down to my room this afternoon "dancing" with each other.  It makes a parent's heart so full to know that their child has found a genuine good kid as their best friend.

Day 309: A fun night with my favorite girl!

Day 310: There's a boy in my lap.

Day 311:We all had a BLAST at Moody's Air Show this morning.  It was probably one of Cooper's favorite days ever.  Going to an event like this will give you an even greater appreciation for our military and all they do for us.

Day 312: We had such a fun weekend!

Day 313: Celebrating a cold weather day with a leggings and boots day with my best girl!

Day 314: Ho, Ho, Ho!

Day 315: Testing out the new DQ!  The caramel milkshake is AMAZING!

Day 316: LL's first BookIt pizza!  It's so fun for me and Matt to see her participating in some of the same activities that we did as kids!

Day 317: Finally celebrating this girl's birthday today!  You know - since it's in June and all.

Day 318: We had a blast at Luke's birthday party!

Day 319: #sundaymorningsainteasy

Day 320: My boys.

Day 321: A house full of laughing, happy kiddos!

Day 322: LL and I had to work the basketball game this night, so this boy had his first hunting trip with his Daddy!

Day 323: Two sweet turkeys!

Day 324: I can't even, ya'll.  He is the cutest pilgrim EVER!!

Day 325: Kicking off Thanksgiving Break with a trip to see the new Peanuts movie!

Day 326: The cousins are all together!

Day 327: These two silly people together are my favorite.

Day 328: A day-date with my handsome man!  Christmas shopping, movie, and dinner - just what Thanksgiving Break was made for!

Day 329: A fun morning with sweet friends.

Day 330: Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 331: Nunu is quite easily my kids' favorite person in the world.

Day 332: All.  The.  Heart.  Eyes.

Day 333: Sparkle is back!

Day 334: We forgot all about LL's field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm!  Daddy was able to go last minute and they all had fun!

Only one more month to go!  You can see my past DailyRobyn posts here:




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