Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LL's Field Trip to Hambrick's

On the first day back to school after Thanksgiving break (Nov 30), LL had a class field trip to Hambrick's to get a tree for their classroom.  Being a Monday after a holiday, I totally forgot that she had a field trip!  Right before she got on the bus I remembered.  It was funny because I told her I thought she had a field trip and she said, "Mommy - you're so funny.  I do not."  She completely thought I was joking with her!  Thankfully Matt has a flexible schedule with work so he was able to go out there with her.  

Her class found a small tree and stood around it.

Class picture!  Attempt #1

Attempt #2

I think they were all holding hands and singing Christmas carols around the tree.  So adorable.

I don't know why, but this picture is so precious to me.  I just think all the kids around the tree is adorable.  Pretty soon, all these kids will be so big and will be way "too cool" to do stuff like this any more.  I'm soaking up this age while it's here!

Watching their tree get cut down!

LL and her friend, Kylee.  Kylee's mom and I were bff for a long time when Matt worked at the church.  I love that they somehow, after all these years, have ended up in the same class together.  Sometimes it's a small world!

LL and Madeline.  These girls just love each other so much.

Super dad!

LL and her sweet girl friends in her class: Madeline, Hannah, and Claire.

Playing duck-duck-goose!

Watching their tree in the shaker.

Here's a cute little collage I posted on IG.

LL and Matt both said it was a fun field trip!  I'm so glad that Daddy was able to take off for a little bit to drive there and be with LL and her class.  It was a great kick-off to the Christmas season!


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