Monday, January 4, 2016

The Christmas Tree Farm - 2015

Typically, I am the type of person who wants to separate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I like for there to be a pretty good separation between the two holidays.  Usually, we wait to go get our Christmas tree until the first Saturday in December.  This year was different.  I don't know what got into me, but I was itching to get our tree and decorate this year.  I think maybe it's because both kids are just at amazing ages and I knew that they would love it?  I don't know, but I was ready to go!  For the first time that I can remember, we got our tree in November!  We had no plans the Saturday after Thanksgiving (and quite a few plans the first Saturday in December), so we decided to make it our official tree day!

Both kids were so excited and so ready to go!  These first few pictures aren't great of Cooper, but please take a moment to look at how big and gorgeous my sweet LL has gotten!  Looking at these pictures, it seems like all of her baby is gone and she is really turning into a little girl!

Finally a smile from Cooper!

To be almost 3.5 years apart, they sure aren't far apart in height!  Goodness Cooper is getting tall!

After taking those beginning pictures, we let the kids take off!  We all set out on a hunt for the perfect tree!  The kids found these smaller trees and kept saying they wanted a Charlie Brown tree.  We compromised and took a picture with them instead.  ;)

Sometimes, on a rare occasion, I can catch them being extremely sweet to each other.  Despite their bickering, these two love each other so much!

Of course we ended up settling on the first tree that we really looked at.  The kids had to get their picture in front of "our" tree!

A little smooching in front of the tree - haha.  This is so cute and makes me laugh.

Usually Gigi and Poppy go with us to get our tree, but they were out of town this year.  That meant we had to split up to get pictures with the kids in front of the tree.  Mommy's turn!

These two just fill up my heart.  I do not taking being their mommy for granted.  Matt and I have been blessed so much!

Daddy's turn!

Thankfully, one of the workers who was driving around stopped and offered to take a picture for us.  It was so nice and they actually turned out pretty good!

The worker offered to cut down the tree for us, but it's one of Matt's favorite parts.  The kids loved watching Daddy cut down the tree (especially Cooper!).

On the way up to the tree shaker, LL drove up front with Daddy and Cooper and I sat on the back.  He loved riding in the back of the truck.

I love seeing how our family grows and changes over the years!

These babies change a lot from year to year!

Our tree was absolutely beautiful when we got it home and decorated!

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