Wednesday, May 27, 2015

House Projects

We have been knocking out quite a few projects around the house lately (with quite a few more on our list).  First up: Matt finished the chicken coup!  By the time they moved in, I was sooooo tired of them being in the garage.  They were getting out of their box all the time.  It stunk.  They were pooping everywhere.  I was constantly worried one would get permanently locked out of the garage.  I was over it.

They have been in their coup for about a month now and they love it!

We headed to Home Depot one day to get some plants and some materials for the lean-to Matt is adding to our barn - and of course Cooper fell in love with all of the lawn mowers out front.

Coop had a blast riding in this!  Well, until he got his head stuck in the top (no joke!).  It came out easily, but it scared the mess out of him.

After our Home Depot run, this girl went to the grocery store with me while Cooper took a nap.  :)

After nap, we re planted the entire flower bed in front of LL's window.  All of the bushes that were planted by our builder have died - so we have to start completely over.  Yay for us.  We still have a lot more bushes to plant, but this was a start!

We also planted some pretty summer flowers on our front porch.

A few projects down, a lot more to go!  Including:

new weather stripping
the lean-to behind the barn
extending the fence
finishing our Instagram wall
more bushes and flower beds


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