Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Easter 2015

I was really excited for Easter this year.  LL really remembers things from one year to another, and Cooper is getting to the age where he is starting to understand things that we're talking about.  We talked up Easter to him, and he kept saying "Easter Bunny is coming and hiding eggs!" - haha.  

To prepare for Easter, we did our Resurrection Rolls again.  This is one of my favorite Easter traditions.  Cooper was hard to keep his focus during the whole activity, but LL was super in to it and understood it all.  We also dyed Easter eggs, but I didn't take any pictures of that.

LL got a new Easter basket this year, and the Easter bunny came and filled them up while they slept.

They both got a book, some candy, and a small toy.  We do not go overboard with Easter presents.  We want it to be fun and cute, but it is not our focus.  We really try to focus on the fact that our Savior is alive!

For church, we decided to go to church with Matt's parents.  It's more of a traditional service, and that's really where Matt wanted to go for the day.  We took a few pictures while we waited for Grammy and Pop.  How adorable is this??

After church, we went to Grammy and Pop's for our big Easter dinner.  Before the kids changed out of their clothes, we wanted to get pictures of them all dressed up.

This girl fills up my heart!

Cooper is a booger to get to 1-hold still 2- look at the camera 3 - smile.  But we managed to get a few.

My three favorite people in the entire world.

Me and my babies.  These kids are my world!

While I was taking pictures, I ended up with these two gems.  Oh, Cooper.  They seriously made me laugh.

I am so blessed to call this family mine!

Gentry took these next few pictures for me and they are perfect!

I love Pop and Cooper in their matching bow ties!

After lunch, we changed clothes and headed outside to hunt eggs.  Cooper was totally involved and on the hunt this year!

Both of my kids adore Gray and were so happy that he was here for Easter.

Here is a look at our last 5 years celebrating Easter.

Both kids have changed a lot in the last 3 years!

You can take a look at our past Easters here:



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