Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wild Adventures

One Friday at the end of April, my mom picked LL up from school and took her to Wild Adventures for the afternoon.  It was before school got out, so it wasn't crazy busy, and since it was at the end of April, it wasn't too crazy hot.  LL had a BLAST and I loved all of the pictures that Gigi sent me during the day!

Her favorite thing has always been "riding the tiger"

She also LOVES the carousel!

Hands down, her favorite thing (anywhere!) will always be animals!  She is an animal lover through and through!
(a pig named marshmallow)

They had baby chicks.

Headed home - tired and happy  :)

She had a great day and I'm thankful to Gigi and Poppy for taking her!  I'm sure we'll be back a lot this summer!


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Emily said...

ugh I WISH we had passes! This is the one summer I KNOW we'd use them!!!!