Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ray City Fun

After we took Cooper's 9 month pictures, we headed to the pond to hang out with Clint, Sarah, and Andrew for a few minutes.  LL really wanted to see/catch some fish, so she had a blast hanging out with Daddy and Mr. Clint while Sarah and I tried to keep the boys entertained.

These boys still aren't quite sure what to think about each other.  :)

A fish was finally caught and LL was beside herself to see it/touch it/hold it.

This picture sums up my beautiful girl perfectly: she loves to be outside doing ANYTHING (playing, finding bugs, swinging - you name it), but she'll do all of those things while wearing a "twirl dress" and a bow.  ;)

After about 30 minutes, Cooper was done and was ready for some dinner, so we headed out.


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