Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cooper's 10th Month

Cooper was 9 months old (in his 10th month) from March 25 - April 24th.  Here's what he was up to this month:


Weight: 21 lbs 14 oz
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: Mostly 9 months with just a tiny bit of 6 months and also starting to work in some 12 months

Schedule:Cooper is still on his 4 hour schedule - 

7am - up for the day! (6oz bottle)
8:00ish - breakfast (fruit, dairy, grain - all table food)
8:45 - 9:00 - down for nap
11:00 - up and eat (6 oz)
12:00ish - lunch (vegetable, meat - all table food)
12:45-1:00 - down for nap
3:00 - up and eat (6 oz)
5:45ish - dinner (table food - usually whatever we're eating plus a few more veggies)
6:30 - bath
6:45 - bottle (6oz) and bed

Eating: Cooper is doing GREAT in this area (duh - haha)!  This month, we actually phased him out of babyfood and completely onto table food.  The main reason we did this was because we could tell that it's what he wanted.  We were having to rush through his baby food suuuuuper fast to get to the table food - he was impatient and would fuss and fuss for real food!  

I also have given him milk a few times this month.  At his 9 month appointment, she said it was fine for him to start trying some milk at meal times, so we have - and he has LOVED it!  He didn't reject it at all and drank it up.  This makes me really hopeful for when we make the transition off of formula!  With LL, she did NOT want the milk at first, but I really don't think that this will happen with him.

There are really only a few foods that we can tell that he doesn't really love: watermelon, asparagus, and black eyes peas.

Eating at Pizza Hut for Daddy's birthday

First time having MILK!

He LOVED Daddy's homemade guacamole!

Sleeping:  This area has been WONDERFUL.  He is still sleeping through the night perfectly.  We put him down between 6:30 - 7 pm and don't see him again until 7 am.  

This month, his naps were so/so.  At the beginning of the month, they were still hit and miss.  By the end of the month, he has been sleeping SOLID for both of his naps each day.  Yay!  I think this is due to teething, but I'll take it!

Crawling:  This guy is GONE!  He is crawling fast and allllll over the place.  When he first started crawling, he would stay near us and wouldn't venture away at all.  Now, he's gone!  He goes all over the place and isn't hesitant to leave the room that we're in.  He is also pulling up a TON.  His absolute favorite thing to do in the house is to crawl to his play table, pull up, and just play and play.

Now that he is REALLY on the move, we have had to start setting boundaries.  He loves to mess with the DVR and has started noticing the outlets.  We give him a stern "no no", and he's typically pretty good at listening.  

Talking:  He is now doing the repetitive sounds a lot.  We're hearing ma-ma's, da-da's, and ba-ba's along with a LOT of other sounds.  He isn't saying mama and dada to mean us specifically yet, but it's still nice to hear!

Pointing: This guy points at EVERYTHING.  His little finger is pointed almost all the time.  He loves to touch things with just one finger, and has actually started pointing at what he wants.  There is a wind chime at Grammy's house that he loves to rattle around, so he'll point to it when you walk by it so that you will take him over to it - it is SO CUTE!

His pointing finger is ALWAYS ready!  Even when he's looking cool...

...or when he's watching Your Baby Can Read

Teeth: He still only has 2 teeth (on bottom), but this month has been a teething nightmare.  I feel like he has been teething alllll month, but this last week has been awful.  I can tell that he's getting at least 3 on the top, and he has been feverish and fussy a TON.  I'm ready for these new ones to pop out already!

Happy Place: His happy place used to be his jumper, but that has totally changed.  This kid LOVES to swing.  Seriously, he will sit there for 30+ minutes and just be as happy as a clam.  We try to take him out there every evening if it isn't rainy because he loves it so much.

Walking:  He is no where near walking.  Not even close.  He isn't even cruising yet.  He pulls up all the time, but won't go anywhere once he does.  If he pulls up and wants to go somewhere else, he'll get down, crawl there, and pull up again - haha.

Hair: His hair has gotten so long!  He's getting a little mini-mullet in the back and we're for sure going to have to get his hair cut before his birthday.  We're trying to hold out until closer to his birthday so that it looks good for his party.  I just am not a fan of little boys with the baby curls, so I'm not going to let it get that long.

-He said his first word on March 28 - Matt walked into the room to get him up in the morning and Cooper said, "Addy!" (Daddy).  He's done it a few times since - all when Matt was talking to him.
-He has also started giving TONS of kisses this month!  I LOVE it!
-One of his favorite things to do is to play with "the baby in the mirror".  He will talk to him, kiss him, laugh at him, etc.  
-Here's a video of Cooper talking.
-Here's another video of him saying "Mama".

His "old man" face.


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