Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lorelai's 4th Birthday Letter from Daddy

My sweet Monkey Munch,

I cannot believe that I am writing another birthday letter. You’re four now; such a big girl! This past year has been so much fun, and I love that we’ve become such buddies. I love that you like to hang out with me while I’m working in the shed or going fishing or cuddling on the couch. I love your laugh and I love making you laugh. I love that you make me laugh so much. Life around you, Lorelai, is so much fun.

This year has been such a big year for you, from getting a baby brother to starting school. You’re getting to be your own little person. I’m so proud that you make friends so easily and that you’re so outgoing and caring. You’re just a cool little chick. I can’t understand how two nerds like your Mommy and I had such an awesome kid. Lorelai, I’m proud of you; always remember that. And don’t ever forget that I’m your biggest fan.

            In your words, I love you to the sun and back.



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