Monday, March 18, 2013

Cooper and Andrew

Matt and Clint have been friends for a loooong time.  When Matt and I started dating forever ago (about 11 1/2 years!!), I instantly liked Clint's girlfriend Sarah.  Over the last 11 1/2 years, we have all hung out a LOT, gone on a few trips together, had a million laughs, and really just grown.  

Look at these super cute little boys!

With Clint's Dad at Clint and Sarah's rehearsal dinner.

When I found out I was pregnant with Cooper, I was SO excited when we found out that Sarah was pregnant, too!  Our due dates were about 6 weeks apart (mine first).  We were even more excited when we found out that we were both having boys.  Matt and Clint have been friends for SUCH a long time, and I know that this was probably really cool for them.  Once Cooper and Andrew were born, they ended up being about 7ish weeks apart - also neat because Matt and Clint are also about 6/7 weeks apart (Matt is older).  

We went and saw Andrew in the hospital, and then again to take them food after they got home.  Life got BUSY for both of us (hello new babies, a preschooler, going back to work, holidays, and LIFE!) and we haven't seen them since Andrew was about 2 weeks old.

They came over a few weekends ago for dinner and it was so good to see them!!  It was so good to FINALLY see these boys together!

Cooper's new "smile" - don't you love??

They were both a little unsure of each other at first, but it got better.  :)

LOVE their faces here - priceless!

The boys!

Again - Coop's awesome new smile.

You can for sure tell which baby belongs to which Mommy!

Sarah made the super cute collages and sent them to me.  We've had a LOT of fun times together!

Hopefully now that the boys are getting a little older we can start seeing each other more frequently again!  I would love it if these boys would grow up as close as their Daddy's!  


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Emily said...

SO neat how close in age they are!

It's also SO FUNNY how your pregnant belly is quite a bit larger than Sarah's yet her baby is quite a bit larger than yours haha!!!