Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October Randoms

October is over and we are now in the down-hill slope to the major holidays!  Here are the random things we were up to in October that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

Aspyn is such a good sport.

My big helper!

LL had a field trip to the planetarium at VSU, and Matt met her at the park for lunch with her class (that kind of turned out to be a disaster).  But her sweet teacher sent these pictures to me!

After the park, LL spent the afternoon doing science experiments with Gigi!

I've been having a rough little go at it lately with some personal stuff, and Matt and Cooper brought these home for me one day to help cheer me up.

Sometimes when there are donuts at work, you just gotta eat one.

Aspyn hugs!

Cooper loves his "Super Cooper" shirt that Grammy made for him!

Super muscles!

Dressed for Fall and as cute as can be!

Who needs a baby when we have Lola?

This month we had a dress up week at school: Red day for LL and red, white, and blue day for me.


Another dress-up  day: orange day for LL, crazy sock day for me.

Grammy and Pop took Cooper to have a picnic in the park one day after school!

Crazy sock day for LL.

 Posing all on his own.  #malemodel

This girl and I went to early vote one day after school!

Team day for LL!

In August, I started Hammer and Chisel with Beach Body.  It took me way longer than the 8 weeks it's supposed to, and at times I thought it was going to kill me, but I finished it!  I also lost 6 lbs and almost 9"!

We all decorated Halloween cookies at Grammy and Pop's house one night!

On the actual day of Halloween, LL's school didn't do dress-up, so we decked out in as much Halloween as we could!

On Halloween, Cooper had a dress-up day and his class Halloween party.  His actual Halloween costume had a lot of parts, so we sent him in something else for school.  He loved this skeleton outfit!

Happy Halloween!

Gigi and Poppy went to Cooper's school for his Halloween party!

Ha!  Dress-up with Gigi!

So silly!

And that's a wrap on October!


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