Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer - Week 8

Week 8 of summer was pretty fun, but also pretty busy!  It was from July 11 - 17.   Here's what we were up to:


Monday kicked of DPKamp for LL.  This is our church's version of VBS.  LL went a few years ago, didn't go last year, but is back at it this year.  Cooper is old enough to go, but we decided to keep him out this year.  He's been doing so well at potty training (3 months accident free!!), but there are a ton of kids at DPKamp, so I just wasn't ready to turn him over for 3 hours a day quite yet.  He'll go next year!

LL was excited and ready for day #1!

While LL was at camp, I dropped Cooper off at Oma and Opa's house to play with Ben so that I could go work out.  It was leg day for me!


Tuesday, LL went to camp and Cooper and I went over to mom's for swimming.  At lunch, I picked up LL from camp, dropped her off at mom's with Cooper, and went to get my hair done.  I had been thinking about chopping it off, but I also have really loved it long, so I had no idea what I wanted to do.

My "oh my gosh what's going to happen?" before face - haha.

While I was at the salon, Gigi sent me this super cute picture of a napping Cooper.

My after!  We compromised and only went about 4" shorter, but she put in a good bit more layers and a lot more blond.  I love it!

After my haircut, Matt met us at Gigi's and we all got dressed up to go to cow appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A!  I mean, dress up like a cow and get free food?  Sign me up.

Our herd.

I'm thankful to "The Bull" for making all of our shirts for us, and for having the good sense to know that putting "heifer" or "momma cow" on the back of my shirt might not be the best of ideas - haha.  He settled for "Mamma" instead.  

LL and the cow!

I bought a new corcksicle cup, and my awesome monogram from aNn monograms came in for it.  I love it!


Wednesday we had a pretty busy morning.  It was also my first time fixing my new hair cut on my own (using a new curling technique my stylist taught me).  It turned out pretty well!

While I was getting ready, Cooper randomly said this to me, and it was so cute that I had to record it.  He's at the funny age where he's starting to learn bigger words, but it's so funny to hear him say them!

Cooper and I spent the morning taking Aspyn to the vet and going to the library before we had to pick LL up from camp.  That evening, she was not in the best of moods, so she created this for her door (all on her own) - haha.  How do we already have a teenager at 7?!


Thursday was also a pretty busy day.  Matt took LL to camp, and I dropped Cooper off with Grammy and Pop so that I could go to the gym.  I've been working out for 8 weeks now, and I'm finally starting to see some (small) progress!

After the gym, I picked LL up from camp and we went home for lunch.  That afternoon, she had a hair appointment to get her back-to-school cut.  

Her before...

Her after!

She ended up getting a little of 4" cut off, too, and it looks so much healthier!  Daddy met us at the salon when she got done, and we took her to go ahead and do her school shopping!  When we finished shopping, we went back to Grammy and Pop's for a big country dinner.

That night when we got home, Matt picked one of the watermelons out of our garden that was ripe.  Look at how small it is!

But it was ripe!


Friday was the last day of DPKamp and also family day.  We all went together to see a program, listen to a message, play some games, and eat some snacks!  I didn't take any pictures, but I do have a few videos.  
  • This first video is of LL saying her memory verse for the week.  She didn't even tell us that she was working on it!  She did a great job!
  • This next video is of the song that her age group from camp did at family day for part of the program.  I love how much she just gets into it!  She has no stage fright at all!
We spent the rest of the day at home playing, cleaning, and eating dinner.  ;)  That night, after bath, I found Cooper on the couch like this.  Evidently LL left her Cinderella slippers lying around, and Cooper found them - haha.


Saturday, we had a super fun surprise day planned for LL!  We dropped Cooper off with Grammy and Pop for the day (trust me - he'd rather spend the day with them than play at home any day of the week - haha.), and then LL and I drove to Nashville to pick up her best friend!  Maddie and LL have been joined at the hip since they met in Kindergarten.  Sadly, Maddie is going to a different school system next year, so these girls won't see each other nearly as much.  We picked her up for a fun, girl filled day together!

Up first: swimming and lunch at Gigi's!

After lunch and swimming, we hit up The Mix for some froyo!

We came home for the afternoon where the girls literally spent almost 2 hours just playing in LL's room.  Once they got bored with that, they went outside with Matt to play outside.  They came in with quite a haul from the garden!

We got a huge carrot!

Teamwork.  ;)

While we were having fun with the girls, Cooper was having a blast being spoiled by Grammy and Pop!

The girls decided they wanted pizza for dinner.  After we ate, we played outside some more before Maddie's mom came to pick her up.

Maddie is such a sweet heart!  If I could hand pick any little girl to be LL's bff, it would be her!


Sunday morning we all got up and ready for the morning at church (and a photobomb by the cat!).  After Cooper not quite making it all morning in his new class last week, we didn't know exactly how he would do this week.  We talked it up for several days, and his teacher said he ended up doing awesome!  She said it was like he had been going to that class all along!  Yay, Cooper!

It was also my first time wearing something that I got from StitchFix!  I got my first box last month, and ended up loving everything in it so much that I bought the whole box!  If you haven't tried StitchFix and would like to, here's my referral link!

After church, we dropped LL off at Grammy and Pop's house to start music camp at their church that afternoon.  We went to the grocery store with Cooper, and then headed home to spend the rest of the day there.  

That's a wrap for week 8!  You can see what we've been up to in the past weeks here:


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