Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lunch with LL - Daddy's Turn

Our goal for LL this year is that someone from our family would come to eat lunch with her at school once a month.  Unfortunately (because of my schedule at school this year), I won't be able to go any days.  Thankfully, we have so many people in town who are itching to go and eat with her!  First up?  Daddy!!  

LL takes her lunch about 75% of the time, but eats at school about 25% of the time.  This day was chicken nugget day, so she ate at school.
LL and her friend Bella.

LL's lunch table.

Madeline (LL's best friend), Bella, LL, and Claire

LL was so excited about Daddy coming and they both had a great time.  Matt said even the lunch lady came up to him and told him that LL had been telling her for days that her Daddy was coming to eat with her.  I'm so glad she enjoyed it so much - I know Daddy did, too!  


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