Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Honey Bee Festival - 2014

The beginning of October kicks off an entire season of fun and traditions.  The first thing always on the list is the HoneyBee Festival.  We've been going every year since before we even had kids.  This year, we brought Kayla along with us because she had never been before.  

Thankfully, it was not as hot this year as it has been in years past.  We spent the first part of the festival just walking around and looking at booths.  We like to do that first, and then end with the kid stuff, lunch, and the parade.  After walking around for a while, we hit up the petting zoo!  It was a lot of fun until the baby cow they had literally tried to jump over a fence to eat my kids.  Thankfully I had my hands on both of them and I was able to jerk them back before he got to them!

Petting some bunnies.

Cooper insisted on hugging the miniature horse - haha.

After the petting zoo it was time for pony rides.  This is always LL's favorite part!  Last year, Cooper didn't love it too much.  This year he had a much better time!

She's big enough to ride by herself!

Grammy and Pop took the kids on this little carousel while Matt got lunch and I found a place for us to sit and eat.

After lunch we found a great place to watch the parade.

Proof that Kayla was actually with us.  ;)

He was very focused on the parade.

After the parade we headed back to the car to go home for naps.  It was another successful trip to the HoneyBee!

Cooper's HoneyBee trips throughout the years.

You can see our past trips here:



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