Tuesday, September 9, 2014

LL's First Day of Kindergarten!

LL's first day of kindergarten was Wednesday, August 6.  She's going to school in the same county that I teach in.  That means she rides with me to my school every morning and then catches a bus from my school to her school.  Then, every afternoon, the bus brings her from her school back to my school, and I drive us both home.  This means that I get to spend a lot more time with my girl!  

On the first day of school, I wanted to take her and walk her to her classroom.  I've never been able to do that before, and I knew it would help her nerves a little.  Well.  On the first day of school, something happened with my alarms and I woke up at 6:20.  LL and I have to leave our house at 6:25.  Talk about the worst possible start to the day!!  Luckily everything was packed and ready, so I got her ready, got dressed, and we ran out of the door!  I literally didn't even do my hair or makeup (and just did it as soon as I got her to my school because I have morning planning).  

Even with a disastrous start to the morning, we both ended up having a great first day.  She did good when I dropped her off, and she was so excited when she got off of the bus in the afternoon!  Since our morning was so hectic, we took our "first day of school" pictures when we got home in the afternoon.  This actually worked out better anyway since it's still dark when we leave in the morning.

My favorite.  :)

I took this picture when she got to my classroom at the end of her first day.  She had a "kindergarten is fun" hat on (and her big yellow bus tag so that they knew where she was going and didn't get lost - haha.)  I am so happy that she had such a great first day of kindergarten!

I couldn't believe the change when I did this collage.  Her first days of school pictures for the last three years.  She has grown so much!!


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Emily said...

do you put her in white on the first day of school every year on purpose? so funny how that worked out!!!! I love her skirt and am so glad it's been a smooth transition for her!!!!!