Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fishing With Mamaw

I hate it so bad that I took such a long blogging hiatus!  I feel like this happens every August, though.  Between school starting, having two kids at home, and LL starting Kindergarten, August was just a crazy month!  For the first 4-5 weeks of school (and we're still in that window now), I am literally just so exhausted.  I'm ready for bed every night by 7.  So blogging is just not high on my priority list until my life gets sorted out.  I'll start slowly getting caught up now that things aren't feeling so hectic.

At the very end of July, Matt's Mamaw Lucy came to visit from Louisiana.  We don't get to see Mamaw as much as we would like, so we really enjoy it when she makes it here for a visit.  Mamaw is an outdoors woman for sure - so she loves it when Matt takes her fishing when she's in town.  This visit, we loaded everyone up for a morning of fishing.

Pop and Cooper are absolutely the best of buddies.  They are always like this whenever they're together.

Lorelai loves to fish and was very excited!

One of her favorite parts of fishing is playing in the worm bucket.  She most definitely does not get that from her mommy.

Cooper was a little more skeptical about it, but he gave it a go.

Look at the worms, Mom!

Grammy caught a brim on LL's Tinkerbelle pole.  :)

Mamaw got a bait fish.

Coop was fascinated with the fish bucket!

Daddy used Mamaw's bait fish to catch a big bass!

This is the part LL loves.

I didn't catch it, but I'll hold it and pretend like I did.  :)

Mamaw and Aunt Denise

Coop's attention span is still pretty small, so he and Pop took walks in between people catching fish.

Uncle David caught a big bass, too.

Cooper was not too sure about a fish picture.

We didn't stay out at the pond long, but everyone had a really good time!  It is a fun way to spend time with Mamaw and it for sure keeps the kids happy and occupied.


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