Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Days of School

After so much anxiety about kindergarten this summer, it was so nice for school to actually start and for a lot of that anxiety to go away.  Another great aspect of school starting was that I get to spend so much more time with LL during the week than I used to.  She rides with me to school every morning and then rides a bus from my school to her school (about 5 miles away).  Then in the afternoon she gets on a bus at her school and gets off at my school.  She hangs out with me while I finish up my day, and then we head home together in the afternoon.  I love it!  

Here are some pictures from our first few days of school!

Waiting for the bus on day 2!


She came home one day with a fun froot-loop necklace!

The math teacher next door to me has a daughter in pre-k.  She and LL ride the bus together every morning and afternoon, and they play together in the afternoon before it's time to go home.  Kaya is one of LL's best friends!  And despite the size difference, they are only a year apart.  ;)  Kaya is just on the lowest percentile of the height range while LL is at the top - haha.

LL and Kaya headed to school one morning (Kaya was fine!).

Waiting for the bus one morning.

What's better than being twins?  Being triplets with Mrs. Kayla!

Cutest outfit ever?  Possibly.

I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty more posts like this as the school year goes on!


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