Tuesday, May 6, 2014


A few weeks after Cooper was born, a super small, sad, tiny kitten showed up on our porch.  It was so tiny and so sad that we couldn't turn him away.  We kept him and named him Uh-oh.  LL fell head of heels in love, and she and Uh-oh because best buddies very quickly.  He was an outside cat, but he came in for snuggles and to play.  While we were at Disney in September, Uh-oh went "exploring".  He had done this before, was gone for a few days, and then came back home.  Well, this time he didn't.  We've all been pretty upset about it, and we prayed for a long time that he would come home.  About Christmas time, we realized that he was more than likely not coming back.  LL was devastated.  She really wanted another cat, but it really was the last thing on the list of things we needed.  Matt and I discussed kittens a few times here and there, but nothing ever happened.

In April, my friend Mallory posted about some kittens on her Facebook.  Her father owns a trailer park, and some tenants had skipped town and left two kittens in a trailer (with no momma, food, or water).  They were super little and needed help.  Matt and I talked about it, and we decided to take one it.  I told my friend Kayla about it, and she decided to take the other.  LL was beyond excited.  We took her one afternoon after work to pick out her new kitten.    

SO excited!!

Cooper was just chill and along for the ride.  ;)

Out of the two kittens, one was dark (and looked so similar to Uh-oh), and the other one was white.  She said the whole time that she wanted the dark one, but then when we got there, she decided to get the white one.

For about 5 minutes, she said she wanted to name the kitten Elsa (like from Frozen), but she changed her mind and named her Lovie.

All white and grey except for a dark tail.

This is the kitten that Kayla took home (Zooey)

Lovie was so so so small.  Even smaller than Uh-oh when he showed up.  We all really think the kittens were about 4 weeks old - they didn't even have any clue how to eat solid (Even wet!) food. Along with being very small, she was also very very sweet.

Kayla brought Zooey over for a play date - haha.

We've had Lovie for about a month now, and she's doing great.  She does great hanging out on the porch while we're at work.  We're working through some issues (ring worm - YUCK!), but those are only temporary.  She has grown to 2 lbs and eats like a champ now.  LL is so completely in love with her - even though she can't play with her much until we get the ring worm cleared up.  It was all so worth it to see LL's face light up when we brought Lovie home - the best feeling ever!


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