Monday, May 19, 2014

Easter 2014

I can not even begin to say how thankful I am that we were all healthy and happy this Easter.  After last year's Easter disaster, I loved being able to spend all day with my family!

Before church, the kids got to open their Easter baskets.  Here's the thing: I completely want to celebrate all holidays.  And I love to buy my kids stuff.  But I think it gets a little ridiculous (in my opinion) when I see parents buying piles of stuff for their kids on Valentine's and Easter that rivals the amount that kids get on Christmas.  I just can't do that.  I want holidays to be fun, but I want to focus on how they can be fun without it being all about gifts.  I just can't justify going overboard on things.  In their Easter baskets this year, they each got a little bit of chocolate, some fun toys, some hilarious glasses, and some clothing.  Fun, happy, but not crazy.  The key for me is that it needs to fit in their basket.

After church we headed to Grammy and Pop's house for Easter lunch, naps, and an Easter egg hunt.

Grammy made some Easter egg shaped cupcakes and made different colored icing so that LL could decorate them.  She took it very seriously and had so much fun.

After naps we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt.  Randomly, Easter day ended up being pretty cold.  I had to put LL in her long-sleeved Easter shirt from last year, and Cooper had to wear a jacket!  They sure didn't care, though.  They had a blast.  

I was shocked at how Cooper knew exactly what to do.  He found eggs, picked them up, and put them straight in his bucket.  I was so impressed!  There's no way LL grasped this concept this well at under 2 years old.

LL did great at letting Cooper get "his" eggs.  We told him that his were just laying around and easy to see, and all of hers were hidden well and harder to find.  She left all of the ones in plain sight alone and was so happy to find all of the hidden ones.

Sibling picture time!

My sweet babies!

We had such a good day together as a family.  Here's a look at our past Easter's.



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