Monday, May 5, 2014

LL's Class Easter Party

My Spring Break ended up being pretty late this year.  And just like last year, it was not the same week as LL.  The downside is I don't get to spend all this extra time with her.  There was one upside this year - and that was that I got to go with her to her Easter party!  It was the Thursday of my Spring Break, so it was super easy to make arrangements to be there.  LL and I just dropped Cooper off at Gigi's and then we were on our way!  Last year, Daddy took LL because I couldn't get off work.  It made me all the more happy to go this year.

Sitting in a circle to get directions from Miss Tish.

The Easter Egg hunt!  I LOVE how they did it.  The kids were only allowed to pick up the eggs that had their name written on it.  It was great practice for them to find their names and it made the hunt a ton more challenging and it lasted a super long time.

Looking for her name.

After they did the hunt, it was time for a class picture.

They also did a musical chairs type game on the sidewalk.

They also did the Lord's Prayer before going inside for snacks.  LOVE her little face.

I'm so glad that I was able to go with her this year.  It was such a fun (and cold!) morning with all of her classmates.


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Emily said...

LOVE the idea of the names on the eggs!!!!