Monday, May 12, 2014

Cooper - 22 Months!

Well.  At 22 months, there's not denying that we are on the fast downhill slope to 2 years old!

Weight: 29lbs
Clothing: 18 - 24 months in shirts.  All of his 18 month pants are super short.
Shoes: Size 7 - we had to go get all new shoes this month!

Diaper: size 5

Schedule:His schedule is pretty much the same as last month:
7:00 - up for the day
7:45 - 8:00 - breakfast and milk
9:45 - 10:00 - snack and water
11:45 - 12 - lunch and milk
12:30 - 1 - down for nap
3:00 - 3:30 - up from nap
snack and water when up from nap
5:30 - 5:45 - dinner and milk
If it's nice weather, we try to play outside after dinner and then do bath about 6:45.  If the weather isn't great, he'll go straight to bath after dinner and then we'll play in the house.
7:15 - time for bed

Teeth:  He hasn't gotten any new ones since his canines last month, but they are all the way in now.  I love his little complete smile now.  The only thing he lacks right now are his 2 year molars and I am in no rush for him to get them.  Molars are rough!  

Talking:  Since last month, Cooper got evaluated and approved for Babies Can't Wait for speech therapy.  He should be starting this week *hopefully*, so I'm hoping we'll get in the routine of this soon.  This summer might be a little crazy between swim every day and speech once a week, but busy is good!  Even though he still isn't talking very often, we did hear a few new things this month: no-no (here's a cute video where you can hear him saying it), and choo-choo.

Chores:  Cooper is still a laundry boy for sure.  He looooves to help with laundry any time you give him the opportunity.  He has also randomly decided that he loves to swifter the floor.  No joke - he will do this for 20+ minutes.  He loves it.  We also started working with him on cleaning up after himself.  He has been working on putting trash in the trash can by himself and dirty dishes in the sink.  Of course, this also means that I find a random assortment of things in my sink (like socks - haha), but at least he's trying!

Temper Tantrums:  They have arrived.  I do think we're lucky because they started much younger than they did with LL.  With LL, she was a fall on the floor and cry type of tantrum.  Cooper is a hit or throw things tantrum.  Not cool.  I mean, not that any of it is okay.  But hitting and throwing are terrible.  We've been working through them, but I do think it's going to take quite a bit of work to get him to stop completely.  He has gotten better over the month, especially with throwing.

All Boy:  I know I've said it 100 times before, but this child is all boy.  He is into everything.  Over Spring Break, it walked into another room to put something away and came back to him on top of the table drinking my soda from Sonic.  Both are big no-no's (duh - I don't give my kid soda).  Luckily, it was really mostly gone, so he got more watered down mess than anything.  I did snap a picture really quickly before I got him down because it was pretty darn cute.  ;)  But this kid is into everything!

He also has decided that one of his favorite activities outside is to dump a bunch of dirt into the dog's water bucket and then climb inside of it.  So gross!!!  But you know I had to take a video of it before I got him out - haha.

Body Parts:  Cooper is doing great with his body parts!  Here is a current list of things he can point out (from the top down): hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, arms, fingers, belly, belly-button, pee-pee, legs, feet, and toes.  And diaper.  I know it's not a body part, but he does have it at all times!  I was impressed that he could point it out while wearing it.  I think this is a pretty impressive list!

Sickness:  Cooper had another "first" when it came to sickness this month - his first ear infection.  LL had quite a few her first two years, so I've been a little surprised that he hasn't had any.  Over Spring Break, he was feeling pretty terrible and had a yucky green runny nose.  He woke up from nap one afternoon with a 103 fever, so I took him right in.  Ear infection it was!  He really is such a trooper.  He was fussy for the ear infection, but he never led on that he had a huge fever and was in pain.  He is tough!

He also had a random stomach virus this month.  One Saturday morning he was feeling really puny.  We were snuggling on the couch and watching a video, and he just threw up everywhere.  All he wanted was for me to hold him.  I cleaned him up, and sat on the floor with him.  He ended up falling asleep like this with his head on my foot.  So sad!

-We've been working on teaching Cooper "If You're Happy and You Know It".  At the beginning of the month, he didn't know it at all.  He's getting it down pretty good now!  Since we're not getting a lot of vocabulary, this is a great song for him to participate with since it's mostly just movements.  LL did great with helping us teach him.  Here's a video of her doing it with him at the beginning of the month.

-This boy is obsessed with vehicles!  If you give him even a second of an opportunity, he will climb into the driver's seat as fast as he can!

-I love watching both of my kids sleep.  They just look so so cute, and I love seeing the cute positions that they get in.  Cooper is still a pretty big mover when he sleeps, so you never know what you're going to see.

-My sister gave us an old toy of Ben's that has a slide on it and we built a new play set in the backyard this month.  Between both of those, he has become pretty awesome at sliding on his own.  Here's a video of him on the little slide from Ben, and here's one of his first times going down the big slide on the new play set!

-We got a new mattress for our bed this month, and we stored the old one in the living room for a few days propped up against the wall.  We decided to lay it down in the middle of the living room and let the kids have a ball.  They had a blast jumping and wearing themselves out!

-Cooper got a long overdue haircut this month.  This was the first time that he sat in the chair all by himself while she cut his hair.  We had to really work on keeping him busy, but overall he did great!

-He *loves* all water.  When we go to my mom's house, he loves loves loves her pool.  He starts swim at the end of May, so I'm interested to see how he does since he seems to be a water lover.

-Cooper is not a big "hand holder".  He does not really like for us to hold his hand.  Occasionally, he likes to hold hands with LL while he walks.  We've been trying to work with him on "parking lot rules" and actually have him walk through parking lots instead of being carried.  Matt snapped this cute pictures when we were leaving church one Sunday.  

Misc Pictures:
Breakfast at Waffle House with Daddy

Love :)

Both of my sweet babies at 22 months!


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