Thursday, May 22, 2014

LL's Gymnastics Exhibition

LL started gymnastics back in August.  At first, she started in the preschool class.  Then, a few months before she turned 5, she got moved into level one.  Once you're in level one, you get to participate in the exhibition in April.  Essentially, the exhibition is like the dance recital for gymnastics.  For the few months leading up to the exhibition, they worked on a routine, and really focused on several aspects of gymnastics (that were appropriate for their level).  I am always shocked at how well LL does performing at things.  I always think she is going to be nervous and potentially not do it, but she always surprises me and knocks it out of the park.  Her exhibition was no different!

She got a new leotard for exhibition - all of level one was blue.

Doing her warm-up stretches.

Showing off her skills on the beam.

Getting her award certificate and medal.

Everyone came to watch her exhibition - even Coop.  He did a great job watching his big sister!

We are so proud of this sweet girl!

I did take a few short videos of her exhibition.  The first one is a video of her vault.  The second one is of her floor routine; bless her, she's about as uncoordinated as a baby giraffe.  ;)  The third one is of the awards ceremony.


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