Monday, April 14, 2014

Bunny Hop 2014

The day after Cooper's surgery, we had the Bunny Hop at LL's school.  The doctor said that Cooper would be fine to wear shoes and walk, so we decided to stick with our original plan for all of us to go.  Last year, Cooper came for the breakfast and then left for nap time.  This year, he was able to stay the whole time since he didn't have a morning nap anymore.

We had to stop for a minute on the way in for LL to take a quick slide on one of the bouncy things.  Cooper was content to just watch (for a minute).

Having a blast already.

While we ate breakfast, the Easter Bunny came around to the tables to see the kids.  Cooper has never seen a person in costume in about a year, so I was interested to see what he would do.  He was super happy to see the Bunny and even gave him a high-five!  I intended to take pictures with both kids with the Bunny before we left, but then I totally forgot.  Boo.  So this is the only picture I have.

After breakfast, we headed outside for some games!  Cooper *loved* the bounce house.  It just blew my mind that he was so into playing not even 24 hours after his surgery.  This boy is a machine.

LL refused to get out of the slide bounce house, so we just let her play for a while and occupied Cooper with some other games.  He loved the bean bag toss.

Finally we took everyone inside to play more games.  First, we stopped to color some eggs.

(Someone tried to eat the Sharpie)

Luke came again this year!

Coop tried to knock some cans down.

He had a blast!

LL went fishing (in her own classroom!)

She pulled up about 15 toothbrushes - haha.  That's okay!  We can always have extras around!

I'm happy I remembered to get a family picture!

This was the best sibling picture I could get.

Oma and Opa got to come this year.

Next up was the egg hunt.  The areas were divided by age, so we had to divide and conquer.  Matt took LL in the big area, and I took Cooper to the baby area.  

I had a major Mommy-fail.  I brought LL's easter basket, but totally forgot Cooper's.  He wasn't too upset; he just put his eggs in other people's baskets - haha.

LL is a pro at getting eggs by now!

Awesome smile.  ;)

That's better!

We really had such a good time this year!  I loved that Cooper was able to experience the whole thing.  It'll be weird missing it next year since I won't have a kid at PAUMC, but we'll pick it up the year after when Cooper is in pre-k (!!!!).


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