Wednesday, April 2, 2014


After our busy day of going to the Azalea Festival and fishing with the older kids, we headed back to Gigi's for some rest and for dinner.  After dinner, Gigi was across the house giving the kids a bath.  She is always leaving her iPad unlocked (and her Facebook - which can lead to some interesting status updates from Matt and Gino), so Laura and I decided to leave her some crazy pictures and to set them as her wallpaper.  We really had so much fun and laughed so hard at each other.  We laughed so hard that my sister's "smokers laugh" came out - which is when she laughs so hard that all she does is wheezes.  We had so much fun, and I just love my sister so much.  I'm so blessed that we have the great relationship that we do, and I'm sure that we'll be having this much fun together even when we're old and wrinkled!

Selfie time!


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